Seal of Shadows

The Biting Blades ability disappears if it touches an impassable object or any terrain that isn’t level.(Which apparently is 90% of the expansion) For being on a level 90 component with a 2.5 second cooldown, the ability is really ineffective and lackluster.

I suggest making it persistent so that it passes through objects, perhaps increasing the cooldown.

What are other people’s thoughts?

ALL of the active skills on these Seals are pretty meh IMO, the only 2 I’d see using are Blades and Might.

Heh, glad i’m not the only one that feels this way about the seals. The abilities need more power in most cases.

Seal of the nights ability is pretty good with the ability to shotgun and deals a lot of damage if you’re a cold build

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When you say “lot of damage” the question is “as compared to what else you can cast during that time” and the answer is nearly everything if you have any skill trained up at level 90. That’s the problem with active component skills, if they’re too good they replace mastery skills but too weak and they’re never worth casting. We’re currently in the latter zone I feel like. I’d much rather the components modify the active skills you already use versus adding another button I have to press that does less damage than a skill I already have.