Seal of the Void vs Symbol of Solael

Calling all of the wise builders for some help. I’m currently running a cadence dual wielding witchblade, pure chaos damage (all beefed up and 100% physical-to-chaos). My weapons currently have a symbol of Solael (for the -10% chaos resist in Solael’s fire) on one, and haunted steel on the other for that lifesteal (which I run with as much of it as I could pile up too).

Currently, my chaos resist debuffers are:

  • -10% from Solael’s fire
  • -35% from eldritch fire
  • -10% from voidheart’s proc
  • -20% from fang of Ch’thon’s proc
  • -15% from the Essence of Ch’thon in one of my weapons

Which adds up to -90%, -102% if I pop a cursed tincture.

Question here is, is it worth letting go of -10% resist for the general dps increase that replacing the symbol with a seal of the void would mean?

Essence of ch’thon isn’t a debuff based resist reduction. It’s the same as Viper/Ultos and occurs last in the resist reduction application process.

also yes, if you look at grimtools monster database, most non-chthonian and void touched heroes only have 12% chaos resist at base, for the most part, fang of ch’thon, eldritch fire and voidheart will cover your needs fine

The DPS that results from the resist shred seems like it would more or less make up for any comparative DPS loss. The ADCTH from Haunted Steel’s nice and all but depending on the build I would rather run one SotV and one Symbol, and just scrape as much ADCTH together as I could from devotions and skills.

Quite useful news here, I didn’t know. You think it’s still worth running with or should I swap it out for an Outcast’s Riftstorm?

Thing is character’s melee and somewhere around 14.5k HP, 2.5k DA and 2.4k armor, so ADCTH and other forms of lifesteal are most of my “defense” (as long as I can outheal whatever damage I take, I’m fine)

I’ll consider all this info, but will most likely give it a whirl and see since it’s the only real way to know. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a stupid idea outright

It’ll have more of an effect on enemies the lower their resist is shredded, i.e. it’ll do little on something that has -10% after your other reductions but will do a lot more if you lower something resist to -70%.

I’d say keep it.