Second character: shaman + ?


I want to start a new character. My first was a battlemage (soldier + arcanist). I got some nice epics and 1 legendary for shaman, so I decided to play one.

However, I would not like to combine it with either soldier or arcanist, as I want to try something new.

So, summarizing, which do you recommend me to combine shaman with (excluding soldier and arcanist). Also, I’d prefer to play either melee or ranged weapons (my battlemage was mostly ranged spells, so I want as much difference as possible).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think Shaman and Conjurer go together quite well. Plenty of options for melee Shaman side. With debuff/support from Occultist.

A Primal Strike ranged gun/xbow Shaman is a lot of fun thus far. Lightning everywhere! Could easily be combined with Occultist for CoF slows/resist debuff and such, or even Demo for Vindictive Flame attack speed and other extras.

It would be more optimal if you mentioned the legendary you obtained to recommend the class

This ^^

I’d say Demo for lightning, Occultist for vit/bleed.

I’ve got the Boneweave leggins:

Well, looks like Occultist is in your future.

Is the occultist + shaman a good character for melee, or is it better with guns/rifles?

Vitality caster, the item made for it

The legendary and the class combo would work great for a pure caster or a hybrid melee build (where you have a primary melee skill with other abilities like wendigo and sigil for support and additional aoe) for support. I’m still wearing those pants at level 60 on my bleed/vitality warder. If you wind up doing anything vitality related, Devouring Swarm is a no-brainer. You don’t have to be an occultist to make good use of those pants, because of the proc, but if you are, you can make use of the other skill bonus too.

isnt soldier any good? i’m a new to the game, warder seems fun

I wanted to avoid soldier, as I have already a soldier (battlemage). I want a very different character.