Second class for AoE Physical/Pierce/IT based soldier?

Hey guys, brand new player here (~25 hours played). I’d like to make a melee soldier who primarily focuses on Physical/Pierce/IT damage, with good AoE potential. I’m thinking of using Blade Arc with Laceration as my main attack, and assigning some kind of Physical damage based AoE devotion to that.

So my question is this: What would be a good second class to synergize with this basic framework for a build?

Demolitionist has Temper, which increases Physical damage and armor, Vindictive Flame, which increases attack speed, and Blast Shield, which is good for defense.

Shaman is great if you are using a 2-handed weapon (you didn’t specify). Feral Hunger and Upheaval are good procs. Mogdrogen’s Pact provides a health boost and more Physical damage. Wendigo Totem is good for healing and sustain.

Occultist is popular because Curse of Frailty provides Physical resistance reduction. Solael’s Witchfire increases attack speed, and Blood of Dreeg is an excellent burst heal.

Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be using a 2h weapon. Is shaman pretty much the best if that’s the case, or can demolitionist work as well with 2h?

Edit: Also, is Blade Arc considered a default weapon attack? It looks like Feral Hunger only procs off those.

No, Blade Arc isn’t a default weapon attack and will not work with Feral Hunger etc.

Occultist. Curse of Frailty is a very powerful resistance reduction ability, for physical, IT and bleed. Not to mention poison and physical resistances, attack speed, etc.

Honestly, I’d forgotten you wanted to use Blade Arc as your main attack. Feral Hunger and Upheaval would need you to be using Cadence or Savagery if you are playing a Warder. Shaman has some special skills for 2-handed weapons, but that doesn’t mean any other class can’t be good with 2-handed weapons either. In this case, I would pick Demolitionist or Occultist.