Secondary Resistances

I dont think i have ever encountered in any possible game something like this.

Secondary Reses are made on purpose so u can die. PERIOD. there is no possible way to have 2ndary resistances only if u use crap items. WHY ?
WHY are 2nd reses so rare when they are mostly the cause of deaths ?

Why arent primary reses always acompanied by 2ndary reses on items ?

And why so many ? And why phys res in such a low amount ?

Tbh these are troll stats. Overall Cold res should affect freeze res, vitality or bleed res should affect life leech res, stun res should affect petrify res and so on…

There is aboslutley no way to reach even 25% to all 2ndary res, which would mean nothing on ulti…just a number that isnt zero.

Im just wondering why are these the only stats that to most players are mostly zero or very close to zero ??? It’s like the stats for them on items were forgotten…

Tell that to several of my characters that have capped primary resists and most secondary resists at 50%.

And why phys res in such a low amount ?

Because armor also blocks physical attacks. If you could cap phys resist as easy the others, physical attacks would become a non-threat.

Crate doesn’t want to make titan characters that require one button to play. Imagine having every single resist capped. It’s just dumb and would make many players to either mod it out to not have that or just quit. Secondary resistances are not main resistances; secondary, in that case, means “additional”. Secondary resistances are supposed to help squishy builds like Nightblade, which practically has no defensive stats nor skills (only Blade wall or whatever it’s the name of it and the dodge in the temporary buff which name I forgot).

Imagine every heavy armor having +% physical resist. You’d have 2.5 - 3k armor and, let’s say, 40% physical resist and 100 absorption in armor. You get hit by 10k physical damage, you reduce it to 4.2k. That’s totally bullshit and not fun. Freeze resists is free, 100% freeze resist I mean. You just get a potion that is cheap to make. Lifesteal and manasteal resist is not needed in any way. Stun resist is easy to get from rare (green) items. There’s like one monster that can petrify you (I seriously never got petrified). Sleep and slow are not needed, imo. Disruption is easy to get in one item or Occultist exclusive skill. Trap resist, I don’t know, never really needed that. Dodge chance is OP, therefore there’s no much of it (although it’s still possible to get 61% dodge and 53% deflect chance. Physical resist is actually quiet easy to get too. Not in every build, though, but still achievable on probably most builds. Even Fateweaver’s Leggings give free 15% physical resist for 12 seconds, enough to beat some bosses (except for super bosses).

So yeah, no thank you.

BM has no defense - VERY TRUE (it can have, but not dmg, so no way)

And life leech res is not important ? It’s the most rare one, and most chtonians have life leech. And correct me if im wrong - Life Leech resistance affects Life Reduction spells from enemies ? And trap resistance also means resist to any traps ? like aetheral cloud and lokarr boulders ?

Yes you can find them, but on items you will or cannot use. Some cause u have to use a set maybe, and some, cause u cant use 1 item just for 1 stat and the rest are trash…it doesnt work.

Most of ur builds have all max res and over 50% 2nd res ? Please link ? And if so…those are just MOST of UR builds…not MOST of ALL builds…or far from ALL builds…

IMO all my 17 chars have almost all 0% 2ndary reses, and its not cause my build is incorectly done…its just cause i cant find a way to add them and not loose a very much if do so…

Secondary resists are in a good spot

Physical Resist should NEVER be made abundant as it will trivialize a lot of the content.
Slow Resist is easy to stack now
Freeze Resist is cheap
Disruption is annoying and could use some sources. But it’s not biggie
Life Leech and Life Reduction hurts a little but that’s literally the only thing some enemies have to make them challenging. It shouldn’t be changed imo
Petrify and Sleep don’t exist in the game to my knowledge. So I don’t care and if they do I have yet to encounter them
Entrapment doesn’t affect traps it reduces the duration of how long you remain trapped by Obsidian Prisons, Bone Prisons and Nets

Dying because of lacking secondary resists (with the exception of freeze) seems unlikely unless the build in question is already squishy or un-optimized. Or it’s just bad luck.

Then what holds me in place for 1-2-3 sec if i have max stun res ? I dont get freezed cause i dont see the frozen animation. I dont see any net around me…wtf ? Petrify ? Isnt that suppose to make u stonelike grey for a while as animation ? And life leech res should have more sources on end game items imo…not to make builds OP, but at least to not have it on the negative side…

[QUOTE=The Grim Creeper;620268]Then what holds me in place for 1-2-3 sec if i have max stun res ?

Sleep CC attacks…

Traps can last long sometimes

I don’t know what held you down in the same spot for 3 seconds, I personally have never come across petrify
I do agree -25% Life Leech Resistance looks odd. If they reduce that to zero it’d be great.

Life leech resist and mana leech resist is literally uselese to get because:

  • No monsters have mana leech. If they do, they’re low monsters that you oneshot by sneezing. Some boss+ monsters do have it, but they use it like once or twice in a single battle (taking in account we fight for 15+ seconds)
  • Life Leech resist only reduces the heal amount. There’s no monster that can deal inevitable damage (something that always hits the same amount), therefore monsters usually heal for ~2 - 5k HP if they leech 1000% of the damage they deal - we already reduce the damage they deal, so LL resist is literally a useless stat.
  • There’s only one “Life Leech over x Seconds” damage type, and still I don’t know if it gets reduced by LL resist. Mad Queen has that.
  • Life leech resist can be easily capped with two or three rare (green) items. Rings, legs for example (I think you can get it on every part of equipment except weapons, might be wrong though).

About petrify, I have actually never been petrified, and I sometimes stay with my character in place doing nothing while in the middle of enemies to just look at myself. I don’t say it doesn’t exist (there’s one medal that has it), but I’d say there must be one hero monster that has that. I once was in a stone-like form, but I think I was just frozen at that point because this effect wasn’t really stone-y.

Sounds like you play one and the same build. I do have some secondary stats in every of my character, and it’s not 10% or less. I just don’t give enough fucks about those, because those stats (except for dodge/deflect and physical resist) are all useless. And still, I don’t want any more of those stats in any equipment.

Some basilisk foes can petrify you

The Hardcore Survival Guide strongly disagrees with the “life leech resist is useless” position:

And the “easily capped” statement looks like an endgame-only statement. As a new player, I’ve seen life leech resist in precisely two places: the Torment relic recipe (which I can’t make because I don’t have the blueprints for either Squall or Guile), and the node on Vulture. I have literally never seen it on any piece of equipment. My highest level character is currently 66, soon to do the Hidden Path for the second time, and I fully expect to die at least once (again) at Solael, and pass on even attempting the Mad Queen.

So yes, I would like to see more sources of this particular secondary resistance. The rest haven’t really come up, but life leech is a once-per-playthrough issue. Sounds like it gets better, eventually, but for now it’s frustrating to know exactly what resistance I need to boost, yet have no way to do so.

Exactly. There are two items below level 50 with life leech resistance. Three if you count purified salt, which I don’t because I’m not sure I’ve ever found enough to consolidate into a full unit (unless the blueprint to craft it is at a faction vendor? But I don’t think it is…). Four if you count Torment, which I don’t because of the aforementioned lack of blueprints.

And of those two, Banshee’s Misery looks like an AoM item since it boosts a Necromancer skill. Though only the Mythical version has the AoM tag.

Twilight Signet looks great though, I hope one drops for me someday. :slight_smile: Hopefully before my alts need to start doing their Hidden Path runs. Or do people typically delay their Veteran Hidden Path run until after reaching level 50 and finding a couple of Demonic-prefixed gear pieces?

guide is wrong, Mad queen deal Life reduction dmg, it has nothing to do with life leech resistance.
Life reduction resist can be found on Soldier exclusive Menhir bulwark and Spectral crown.

She has a bit of leech(2844 Life Leech over 12 Seconds) but it’s the least of a players problems with her, life reduction as you said

5 Projectile(s)
396-501 Piercing Damage
396 Vitality Damage
3% Reduction to Enemy’s Health<<<this is what kills you when she has her red AURA. It’s additive and spams you crazy
591 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds
220 Reduced target’s Defensive Ability for 6 Seconds

Ah, thanks, good to know! My first character has Menhir’s Bulwark at 12/12 so I will take a look for the Mad Queen when she gets there. :slight_smile: And I guess the alts now have a reason to do the Stranger in Need side quest…

If it’s a warden you could also use fleshwraped bulwark shield

As the others have said mate, Life Leech is fairly benign.

Life Reduction is kinda nasty

@Superfluff, are you speaking about some new basilisk near Kra’vall? Or some specific Basilisk heroes? I have never been petrified so would like to know

These guys. Purple Stone Basilisk included

6 Meter Range
8-12% Reduction to Enemy’s Health
Petrify target for 1.4 Seconds
40% Slow target for 3 Seconds

Hard to tell if you’re just trolling or you don’t see the green affixes with LL reduction.