(secret) Daila Quest Expired

Does meeting Daila in the fields in AoM disable the quest line in the main campaign? Does she need to be in Homestead to do the quest?

I recently tried out this “teleporttocursor” command available in mods to explore the map with a level 1 character, and yes, I can confirm that if you do not do her quest in Homestead she will not be in Mourndale.

Thanks. I’ve been leveling a necro, but I don’t think I got the first letter. The only thing I can think of is that I got rid of it somehow or that I need the found item on me to trigger it. Every time I try to get the 2nd letter to check progression, moosilauke seems to show up and has other Ideas. Everythink worked fine on an another character though. The necro is at 100 though and the dungeon seems to hit pretty hard, making fighting moose and sprinting both iffy.

As an aside, rep seems to come really quick now. I’m a nemesis status with several factions just from leveling and questing to 100.

I can confirm that the item must be in your inventory to get the 1st letter. I feel much better now. :smiley: