Secret Item Found!!! (Bucket of Souls)

Good video montage skillz, really good :slight_smile:

It never was in the game. It’s a joke.

Repalootez strikes again. Wouldn’t be a Rep thread if at least one person didn’t fall for it.

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damn and it ain’t even April yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, nice job! This kind of “Crafting” could have more secrets items!

GG photoshop item :rolleyes:

Bring on those soulds, more post pls

Kiss me friend! :slight_smile:

This is going to be so awesome on my new chaos vitality bleed character who focuses on possession Black Death and wasting. Can’t wait

With painted eyes and smile, would make a magnificent helmet.

I am still searching for the Medierra, King of Heroes Set =((, especially his Blade:D

even though this is a joke, it’s still would have made a kick ass easter egg item.

Was it really necessary to necro an almost 2 year old thread?

Bet this guy is playing a single class necro and is trying to stay in character

You not delete bucket of souls.