Secret Item Found!!! (Bucket of Souls)

Hey guys, here with a new video on how to get the secret Bucket of Souls item!

[Click picture to see the video tutorial!]

[Youtube video tutorial on getting the item]

The Bucket of Souls item requires some basic material but the hardest part is it requires 2 Buckets… I show where I found the 2 buckets in my video. You’ll have to bring the buckets to a Blood Well, since the item cant be craft by an NPC.

Here is an image on Bucket of Souls:

Edit: Here is how the item skill functions:

I want a Wheelbarrow of Souls. Because i like two-handed. Thanks.

I’ll definitely see if I can find that item in my next video.

Buckets are too intimidating for me. Is there a Red Plastic Cup of Souls? Maybe a Dixie Cup of Souls?

Sould Harvest? What is a Sould?

The bucket is pretty good but unfortunately the Thimble of Annihilation is still best in slot. :undecided:

Ah, that would be a typo, it should say “Soul” not “sould”. Oh well too late now.

Awesome Rep, I’ve missed your sneak peeks and spoilers…


+1 confirm, just got one.

Hopefully Crate can fix the ‘sould’ for B31.

Marvelous ! Now i wait for The Gardener mastery.

OMG! this is awesome troll ítem? or is real ítem?

Can this persons posts be auto deleted in the future

Actually, I think a comment like CDQUINT’s is a testament to Repalootez’s (trolling) skills. :wink:

And as for your “discovery” Repalootez, one word: beautiful. :smiley:

Nice work! :slight_smile:

I see your post, but can’t click in this buckets, they are different for each person?

I just asked a question, I have not messed with anybody. Not whether it is real or not. Because the item is not equipped? why it seems so edited in the video?

why is not equipped in the video to show how it works, instead made of the graph? Very rare all

Has this been removed from the game (as of B30) or does it require a certain mode?

In the video, it is in Hardcore mode, don’t know if this matters but currently, I have gone through many characters on Normal and Veteran, non-hardcore, and none of the buckets, nor the well, are clickable.

Can anyone confirm?


I think it only works in Ultimate. Getting a legendary item in Normal that quickly would be unbalanced.

I am still waiting for the mercenary baby!

Man you have put a lot of work into this! I love it. keep it up :D:D