Secret Quest. Improvement idea

The secret quest is a work of art. I mean i wouldn’t have gotten it and would’ve just thought it was just some random thing. But watching some videos and browsing this place i realized that Clone of John Bourbon is something related to the Early Access.

But there’s one teeny bit of a problem in the entire quest. Many times monsters can break the urn. And while the wikia and adoomgod’s comprehensive guide to the questline is helpful it’s all useless if we can’t obtain Stormheart.

My suggestion is use a loose torch/rock to open a small space for the placement of the urn containing the sword. That way the player won’t be penalized for missing it. It is hard to miss the sword, but sometimes that place can be a bit of clusterfuck.

I’m not sure I entirely understand your problem. Is it:

a) accidental urn breakage (never thought I’d say that!) causing Stormheart to be revealed by accident (and so ruining the whole point of ‘working it out’)?

b) the above happens but you don’t notice or pick it up, and then you cannot in future re-break the urn to get it again in a new session?

Depending of course upon what the wording in the diary is (since those words are law) depends upon what you can say - if it doesn’t mention a hidden torch, then Dahlia cleary didn’t intend that ;). However, you could always make it so that the urn refuses to break unless you specifically click on that urn?

Well it’s not a problem i personally encountered. Since i was very careful of clearing mobs room by room and retrieving the sword. But i did notice some posts here and there regarding never having found the sword. The problem is the sword drops once per profile, which is good. But there’s a small possibility of the player missing So either you could use that loose torch idea i gave or yeah maybe listen to the sentient potato and make the urn breakable only by the player

The area that the sword spawns in only has cultists, the undead ghouls are further back in the tomb. So the enemies wouldn’t break it the urn by accident.

Then there is the fact that the sword drops only in Ultimate difficulty so if you get the lore from Normal/Elite difficulty and actually read it you would then know about the sword.

Have there been specific examples of players missing the sword or something?

It’s the best thing in the game. The first time I did it I had a bunch of deaths from laughing too hard to play.

Throughout the early access there were numerous and constant comments from various community members about wanting to fight/kill the clones. If I remember correctly, the current form of the quest came (more or less) from an off-hand comment that DeMasked made at one point.