Seed of a large island with a single access

Lowland Lakes, Size: medium, Seed: 91796C264C8

Secure the ground crossing and hang in there!
Develop your settlement from angry hordes of invaders and looters by concentrating your defense force on a choke point. Explore the surrounding areas in search of deep mines or old relics among dense forests, raider camps and wild animals.


Very nice ! I hope pirates won’t be add in next upgrade ! :rofl:

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Looks extremely defensible. Only problem is see with it is, that likely the most mineable resources will be in the mountain range on the right side, which cannot be accessed at all as of now. Although i see some roads and buildings on that screenshot, how did you get there?
Would need a lot of luck rerolling to get everything you need on the left side landmass.
Also that’s an awful lot of water area, so not a map for large population.

Edit: tested out a few rerolls and the only mining resources i get on the island itself are always two deep coal mines, one very small iron deposit and maybe a small clay or coal deposit. Not further iron or clay anywhere in reach. So this map should be VERY challenging! Also not that much fertile land on the island itself.


Just looked at it and got just 2 infinite coal, but also 2 wolf dens along the edges and a boar spawn right in the middle of the island. :smile: Only 2 fishing spots and one of those is by a wolf den.

Restarted it and traded the wolf dens for some deer spawns and small iron deposit. :grava_yes:


Exactly! What you gain in defense, you lose in obtaining resources. In front of the entrance to the island I have deep mines of clay and coal, but the important resources are in the right mountain range, there are deep mines of iron, gold and stone.
The challenge is to get to those resources, exploit them, and live off of them (hint: trade is important in the early stages).

Wonderful. I’ve got a wolf spawn point right by the only entrance to the island so every time I send a villager out to explore beyond it a bit they get attacked and sometimes die. :crazy_face:


jaja! nice