Seeking advice to build a DW Ranged Lightning Mage Hunter

I was looking at the Mage Hunter builds in Build Compedium X and realised that all the builds are casters. I like DW guns and lightning so I want to try to make one using Mage Hunter.

My idea is to build a DW ranged lightning Mage Hunter with Physical Resistance. Hence the gear is all chosen to have Physical Resistance so as to push it as high as possible.
However, after theorycrafting the build in GT, the HP for my Mage Hunter is very low.
Grim Tools for my Mage Hunter

I know the Aether resist is very low in the GT but I did not adjust for it because I don’t see a need to until I can solve the HP issue.

This is my first time creating a build so I have a few questions:

  1. Why is the HP so low? Is it because I used too many Epics and these Epics do not give enough stats?

  2. I also tried to push for as much OA and DA but I think it is still considered low for high end builds as I always see 2.8k and above for builds shown in the compedium. Any way to raise the OA and DA? Again does the problem lie with the Epics?

  3. I have negative Life leech resist. Is this detrimental to the build?

  4. Which 2 classes have the best synergy for a DW ranged Lightning build? Vindicator?

  5. Any other comments about this build?

  1. Mage hunters are naturally low on hp.

  2. Oa is good. Da: Bloodied Crystals, different augments, etc.

  3. Not important

  4. Purifier

  5. Change relic for sure, also change boots. Fix slow res.

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