Seeking feedback/possible improvement to Witchblade build.

I anticipate OA or DA being higher because I really want to roll the %OA or %DA bonus on the relic. Prepared to roll like crazy for those boots, can’t really find a non-crafted boots that will do the trick. I’m cobbling him together in GDStash at the moment so I don’t have any live test data yet but I’m hopeful, though I’m not great at Cruc to begin with. Nothing about the build is terribly revolutionary, obviously (durr Warborn durr) and the devotion path is inspired by someone else’s Witchblade with a few changes.

EDIT: Updated

I’ve often wondered about the flat Chaos damamge from heck doge’s ‘Heckfire’ aura. Not worth it at all? Or does good boi not live long enough?