Sentinel of the three set

ISentinel of the three is a great looking set that needs a buff what are your thoughts on it guys?

It got buffed with patch, it probably needs a little more to be great, but I also don’t actually know how good/bad it currently is. I just know that it was bad before this buff.

You’d be better to say what you think needs buffs or don’t be disappointed when this thread goes nowhere. If you have no recommendations then one can assume everything is fine.

If you have never tried it and simply want to find a good build with this set, then you can ask for that.

I did not know that it got buffed :grinning: anyways i can’t find a sentinel of the three build in the compendium and I’m bad at creating builds this is why i suggested that it needs an update hopefully someone create a viable build for this great set one day :slight_smile:

I made a quite an okay sentinel right after FG. But Absolution relic nerf wasn’t nice to it. Changing Messanger of War to fire also didn’t help (iirc only Aegis got 100% fire to acid).

The idea of the set was great. MASSIVE flat acid retal. Big buffing totem and stand-your-ground playstyle. Yet, on the oathkeeper side, set supports a mobility skill, and does it poorly (only 32% RATA, no fire to acid, no extra cdr, no %chance of 0 cooldown). On the occultist side there’s Bloody Pox with no RATA. Player has no choice but to go for totally unsupported skills like Aegis and Fervor to have at least some output for that retal. And that was before the retal nerfs. It’s not a good set. Great for playing around with retal, though.

I haven’t tested the soldier side as I don’t like single rr classes.

Check out What’s the best Sentinel of the Three build for Sentinels?

Thank you so much. I appreciate you :+1:

Thank you👍

The set got defensive buffs, but to really fix its damage I’d suggest replacing the weapon with a medal or gloves. The weapon slot would create many interesting possibilities.

I’ve made a build with the attached link. I’m a really bad pilot, but, I’m sure in the right hands, this warlord of the three build could probably get 3 runs of 151-170 glad crucible on 1 set of buffs.

as a follow up, I’ve now cleared 151-170 three times on one set of buffs with some adjustments to this build. Here is the updated build if anyone is interested:

You have counterstrike 2 levels above cap

That’s odd…it doesn’t show in game, only when I copy it over to grimtools from my save file.

I will adjust

Game has never shown that … unfortunately

ok, adjustments made. removed 2 from counter strike and added 2 to squad tactics to increase attack speed since I am so far below cap. Should lower clear time even more.

you could even have military condition at 11/10 and maybe get a point in safeguard for some flat armor.

I will try that and see how it feels on my next clear