Servitor's Corruptor

I’m having a temporary memory lapse and an online search hasn’t turned up an answer to my question. Is the servitor’s corruptor (one-hand axe MI) available for purchase anywhere, or is it pure drop only? I know some MIs used in craft recipes (like this one is) can occasionally be purchased at special or hidden vendors, but I can’t recall if this one is … or where.

Not sure if they can be purchased, but you could always just port to Lone Watch and get it in 5 min. Even on lower difficulty. Mourndale is full of them.

Funny you say that. I’ve just completed five full clears of Mourndale (normal and elite - with my lvl 94 conjurer so you know it clears quickly), including both levels of the Ch’thonic dungeon … and no drop. I must just be having a really bad streak of luck. I thought I might be over level for it to drop on normal which is when I switched to elite. Still no drops.

They drop on all levels regardless of your level. It’s definitely your luck as I’ve just finished it on Normal and got 3. Oh, btw, have you checked in the void where you free up Ulgrim? I think 2 out of 3 mine dropped there.

I’ve found quite a few servitor’s cleavers in Mourndale, but not the corruptors. I’ll take your suggestion and try the recommended Ch’thonic dungeon instead. I’m getting bored running the current route.

Yes, Void’s Edge has 27 spawn points for these compared to only 8 in Mourndale. If you play hardcore, we can team up and I’d give mine.

Thanks for the offer, but I’m farming this for a SC character. I’ve probably unknowingly sold dozens of these weapons without knowing I’d need it for a craft recipe. And now that I need one, my luck getting one to drop has turned for the worse. /doh

I believe the special merchant in the new dungeon sells MI weapons including servitors corruptor. I can check again real quick to confirm

I haven’t yet been through the new dungeon. I’m still downloading the update (v.poor internet speed). That said, a corruptor just dropped for me halfway into Mourndale. I figured I’d clear it yet again after exiting the void dungeon (no corruptor drops therein).

You could as a gift to posterity, so if someone else has this question, they may be able to more easily search out the answer.

Well, I stand corrected. The dungeon merchant only has FG MI weapons. Thought I saw a corruptor in there but It was just Scorpius clubs and sandclaws/moltenclaws