Set attraction

Reading a thread in which a magic find attribute was suggested made me think of this. (I agreed with the comments disparaging magic find; it was the worst part of one of the best games ever, D2LOD.)

I wonder if there are any compelling arguments against a universal set attraction effect. That is, if you’re wearing part of a set, while it wouldn’t help you get more epics or legendaries, when you do roll an epic or legendary drop, it would be more likely to be a part of the set, and a part you don’t already have. The weighting would increase per part already possessed.

If you have the whole set, weighting would return to normal. This could also count set pieces in your personal stash, for people who only wear part of a set, or sets.

A mechanic like this could offset the most common complaint about set items, that by the time you complete them (if you ever do) they’re outdated anyway - or, for the top-level sets, you’re just done with the whole character.

I wouldn’t object to this. Although I don’t necessarily think it should be way higher of a chance. It would get annoying to keep seeing set pieces drop on a set you don’t need the rest of.

Wouldn’t happen, because: