Set TAB as default 2nd map key

Just a very minor issue. I feel a bit stupid even pointing it out.

If I recall correctly, DII used TAB as the hotkey for the map, which is incredibly useful because your left hand tends to be in that area anyway. Currently the map defaults to M which I agree is handy to remember.

As a frequent map user I found it pretty annoying to have to move my hand to M to call the map. So I added TAB as a second key for map.

I would suggest to set this as default (both M and TAB), since there are precedents to use that key, and afaik TAB is not used for anything else yet.

I call it CS:GO syndrom :smiley:

I haven’t played CS:GO but google tells me that Tab opens the scoreboards. Uhhh, I don’t get it. :rolleyes:

Given that GD is using the Titan Quest engine, it defaults to M for map because that’s what Titan Quest did. See TQ manual:

So I doubt that the default key will change, but you’ve found that you can re-map the key bindings.

Edit: Derp, I see default setting Tab. :slight_smile:

How hard is it to re-bind it. Personally I have tab for energy potion and it wasn’t that big of an annoyance to re-bind it that way.

Dyslexia suggested I had a clone.

I too have bound tab to Map. While I don’t doubt it’s fairly popular, I don’t think there’s much of a need to have many default 2nd bindings, otherwise people who want to set up custom binds need to put in more effort.

Esc - Options Menu - Keybinding - Map Window.

Every function can have 2 different bindings and is account bound.
You can even bind a Gamepad to the other setting if you prefer to play that way.