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Thank you for the quick reply! As far as being able to snap houses all the same direction Ive noticed the game generates the homes one of three possible ways when you go to lay one down; it doesn’t matter how many time you spin the house, if it didn’t start facing the same direction when It was initially generated there is no way to rotate them to match. Ive found the way around it by continuously trying to lay down a home until it gives me the generation and style I’m looking for. What I would like to know is if there is a way to cycle these three styles while I’m building instead of relying on a random chance I get the one I’m looking for? Ive noticed this also applies to a few other building items, one being small gardens. Thanks in advance!


Not that I know of. Just have to keep at it until you get the one you want. I think the ability to choose has been suggested, but whether it can/will be implemented we’ll just have to wait and see.


Thank you @Zantai & all of you at Crate Entertainment for this incredible and beautiful game. A couple of screens of my current 400 pop. Alpine town:


Big fan of this! :+1::clap::clap:

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Gardenville… where “streets” are built out of bricks on a map with almost no available clay.


Where or when do you find a brick-paved road option?

Upgraded plazas… the poor raiders don’t know what to do when they get to the city… they scoot around the outside. :joy:

There is no road. Its all plazas.

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I gotta try that! :grin:

WIP from the V8.0 build


Mmmm, really, really liking the pergola/archway/gate/things.
Be cool if we could pull it, like a farm field, up to 2x4 or 4x4, maybe?
Making a vine-covered patio next to a manor would seem like a natural fit.
Will they stack close enough to fudge an arbor?

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So, I’m trying that, but YIKES, what an incredible waste of stone!

We need to get Crate to make the brick plaza a buildable menu option in T4 or T5, and not an upgrade from an existing stone plaza location.


Maybe just place plaza’s around the vault and all other important buildings… and place walls around them too to be on the safe side.
Never know when a patch will change things. :open_mouth:


Here’s a quick “tour” for anyone interested! Plus a thank you to all the Farthest Frontier team! :blush:


Avenue of the Giants, between Oak Way and Maple Trail.


Organic grown


Thank you for pointing this out

Oak, Maple, Birch and Spruce brick-lined avenues.

The screens of v.8.0 show a new, small wood arbor/gate.

If they make it into general play, I think spacing the trees back one space, and having arbors bridge the avenues at each space between homes will look pretty cool.

That will still leave enough room for the trees, statuary and gardens along the way in-between homes.

The layout of the town.

Blue squares are houses in the housing areas.

For some reason those are the only buildings that show up in the app.

The black circle is where the Trading Center, Vault, Town Center, and all my industry are located.

The black ellipse is where farming is taking place and the black lines/square are where my walls and fortifications are located.

The inverted ‘L’ shape on the upper right is the hot corner, but they have tried every approach.

Worst they’ve done so far is destroy a market and loot it of two flour, from the center of the black square around the bottom housing area.


Jealous of your planning skills, I’m more a gardener and treehugger I guess. :joy:

Although, my city is also well guarded.


I see a Maypole and some Urns.
This is the kind of stuff I was hoping to see in coming here to this game.
My grid-style layouts are basic, and only look nice because of the bric-a-brac and window-dressing the game supplies.
Your work is beautiful.