Several skills under one hotkey possibility?

I want really badly to stack/queue/whatever several cooldown skills behind one hotkey/rmb. Lets say I wanted to play a Blademaster using Ground Stomp, Amarastas BB, Brutal Slam, Clean Sweep and Tremor. Instead of using 5 different buttons, I would like all these crowd control skills to activate from 1 single button. Tremor always when it’s available, Clean Sweep always when it’s available but Tremor is not etc. etc. I tried this kind of build but got messed up with all buttons and trying to find some skill not recharging atm. Kind of frustrating. Also it feels stupid to reserve both lmb and rmb to Chaos Strike with my Witch Hunter build.

Is this possible? Could it be possible some (very fine) day? Sorry if this has been asked from you several times already.

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You can do this with any automation utility. Use something like AutoHotKey and bind some key, then run a script that presses 1-2-3-4. Assigns skills to those slots.

Not terribly useful though unless you’re super lazy, since you can’t really cast multiple things at once.

I like the idea of being able to bind multiple skills to one key, allowing, for example, Amarasta’s Blade Burst to be used on cooldown but instead of mere auto attack, Beronath’s Fury would fill the cooldown void.

I also play Chronicon which allows this, and it’s glorious.

I have resorted to AHK for Grim Dawn, and I find it amazing if you’re patient enough to script well. For example, I use a script on my summoner to swap skill bars, press four different buttons, then swap back to my main skill bar. Because summons aren’t on the global cooldown, this happens instantaneously and is simply amazing.

Outside of summoners, it’s still fairly useful since even though most things can’t be cast simultaneously, the game stores key input for more than one thing at a time, effectively “waiting” for your first skill to go off, then popping another.

Or, you know, use it for the exact purpose the OP described. If he used a script that pressed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, for example, then bound Ground Stomp, Amarastas BB, Brutal Slam, Clean Sweep and Tremor to those numbers in order of priority, it would go through the rotation perfectly, if not maybe mucked up by error messages about skills on cooldown.

Edit: However, I would suggest in your specific case, OP, to reduce the number of skills you have in that cooldown rotation and not use scripts for a while. That’ll help you to learn which CC are better at what time and get a better feel for your characters. Most endgame builds have every skill chosen meticulously and require individual activation of each of them based on specific circumstances. You’ll probably be doing yourself a favor by not taking any shortcuts (other than the things I mentioned before, coupled with aura activations in new games and the like). Ahh, now I get Mikhail’s lazy comment…

As a specific example, I’ve recently read a post in which a player mentioned that he uses a script to auto-cast Pneumatic Burst whenever it’s off cooldown. Pretty sweet, right? Well, no. That person doesn’t have the heal available for tougher bosses and later content when he needs it, nor is he learning the nuances of timing and getting a feel for individual skills’ cooldowns. He probably doesn’t give a good Grim Dawn though. Personal preference, I suppose, is what it’s all about.

Another option is to get something like the Logitech G13, which you can program to your heart’s content.

A programmable gamepad is a real life-saver, especially if you suffer from RSI.

I map skills to 123qweasd keys and mash them all, poor man’s programmable mouse I guess. But it works.

I am using program called macrogamer. It really helps. Just watch a video in youtube and you will see.

Razer Synapse for Razer mice (have a Naga myself) works well too.

As others have said, Yes and for many years. The term for this is a Macro so if you have a search for free macro software you’ll find there’s loads out there :wink: