Shadows: Awakening

Anyone tried it? looks decent enough, very pricey though.

well it was free for people who had the previous game.

idk im curious as well, i did check few videos , but idk i like the graphic but something in gameplay feels bit clunky, duuno

Well, I tried it. :wink:

P.S: The game has potential, will see how ot will be in release.

the full release was last Friday…

So its Action with some char development or something closer to D2/GD? Cause from steam videos action-component looks rather lack-luster.

I would say it is ARPG like GD. Some issues were fixed during Beta. So may be now it is in a good shape/state.

Ah, I missed the release - thanks! Let’s see what has been done in release and compare it to Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

I watched a stream, and the char you control has 3 abilities to use on QWE, but you can switch between 3 different(i think?) chars which have different abilities as you wish. Different but maybe fun, still not seen enough for me to just buy it though.

Some details on Shadows: Awakening gameplay.

  1. You have party that includes up to 4 characters: the demon to explore shadows realm (this place is always booked since he is the main character) and 3 companions to explore physical realm.

  2. The companions are like demon’s pets with their unique set of skills and the list of available companions will increase during the game. BTW, the companions can summon their own pets. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. As far as I know at least 2 places in the group are optional - you can chose the companions from the list for the adventure. The remain place can be reserved for a certain companion if needed by the quest (depends on area and other aspects).

  4. You can change group members by visiting sanctuary in shadows realm.

  5. You can unlock all skills for every character - demon and companions. However looks like only some of the skills can be maxed out.

  6. Every character can use only up to 3 active skills in combnat (assigned by default to ‘Q’, ‘W’ and ‘E’). However you can always chose other active skills combination in order to support an effective strategy against enemise (bosses)

P.S: If needed I can share screenshots and other info on this. :wink:

Been playing it for a couple of hours now as well. So as a first impression on top of the shortlist above…

The ones in the physical realm are called puppets. You need to switch between them an the demon. So you have to do each area twice. One in the physical to kill enemies and loot. Another as the demon to kill enemies there with loot. However the demon also gets Essences as loot drop. These let you enchant your gear from the earliest levels…if you have the coin. So I ended up with a lvl 1 glaive enchanted with fire and life leech right away. Which is nice.

The switching between demon and his meat puppets also has an interesting twist regarding combat. Skills between all the members of your party can have synergy going on. For example the demon needs to stun and hit to take down the targets spectral defenses. Then he can do a skill to boost party damage. Meaning your barbarian then does additional damage with his melee skills… Which combines really nicely when he uses warcry to reduce opponents armor/defense as well. You can create nice combo’s that way. At other times you switch between them, because a demon can glide across broken bridges are through hidden walls. Or stop time to solve basic puzzles. Its a nice integration that way.

Your base/auto-attacks aren’t simple hits either. If you keep the attack going you’ll do fluid follow up moves. Nice animation in that regard.

As said you can only have 3 skills for each character selected. So that is a total of 12 active skills to try and synergize while switching between characters and their abilities.

So far the gear selection seems standard. Lots of resists and other stats to play with. Your standard attributes with strength, life, agility and magic. You get an additional talent every 3 levels. Leading to 10 in total. Talents that let you earn more money rewards, increase inventory, increase an attribute, do more damage, regenerate more health etc. The skill selection is pretty basic and you unlock a new one regularly to about 10-12 max different skills. Can only choose 3 at a time to be actively used. You can also upgrade skills you prefer from tier 1 to 3.

Gameplay feels responsive, but bit sluggish/heavy. Difficult to explain. Skills/attacks happen immediately. But they happen as if something slows it down or something.

It seems there are no multiple playthroughs for each difficulty. You just pick one and play it through. There is no New Game+ either.

This game also supports ultrawidescreen resolution easily running at 100-110fps with an RX480 gpu and everything maxed. Keybinds are odd and unintuitive. Tried to setup different binds, but some keys are locked to something…which isn’t listed anywhere. So I couldn’t go for the setup I prefer. Thankfully the mouse wheel lets you switch between characters of your active party. So I could put everything somewhat where I wanted.

It isn’t your typical Grim Dawn-esque game. Shadows:Awakening is the next line from Heretic Kingdoms and Heretic: Inquisitor. Due to alot of legal issues, and the original publisher going bankrupt, this studio had to fight hard to get their IP back. So yeah that’s why the name is different to the ones that came before. It also means that this game is more story driven as well. If that’s not what you like then … well don’t buy it.

Something I really annoys me for some reason is that there is no quick save button in a game like this.

Gibly, nice review! :slight_smile:

Did you try to provide feedback on found issues to developers?

P.S: You forgot to mention that at the beginning the demon should chose 1 of 3 candidates (mage, warrior or hunter) to be his main alter ego. Each of this characters has unique storyline and quests. :wink:

To be honest…I’m not enjoying this game when played on the higher difficulty. The combat is too sluggish, movement is of controlling your character and its pathing is annoying. When traps kill you in 2-3 hits and you get stuck behind a rock, because your characters movement/and pathing is messed up…that’s annoying. Boss fights are too tedious and too time consuming as well. Which is a shame since the premise of each fight is interesting.

Ugh and the quests… I was in a cave where I had to kill enemies. Then I need to return and destroy an object to prevent further infestation. Then I need to come back again to kill the leader. Just spawn everything if you already know the trigger of the next sequence instead of wasting my time traveling back and forth for no reason.

You could have some fun on the lower to normal difficulty where the stakes/risks are less. But breezing through a game with no challenge, no matter how good it looks or how great a story is… that’s just boring as hell.

Did not play on higher difficulty yet, but described issues are frustrating. Hope the developers will address it.

P.S: Did you play with keyboard or game pad (the game is also designed for consoles)?

I’m a pc gamer. So most games are played with keyboard and mouse. A game like this I don’t play with a controller since that’s just odd. While a game like Darksouls/Nioh/Monster Hunter world I prefer the controller. Differs per genre/style of the game really.

I see.
/10 chars

I’m going to give you a free advice - when you see KALYPSO Media Digital, just don’t buy and don’t play. You will lose money and time.

Would you recommand it ?

I played it, I had some fun with it and there’s actually some novel features in it. Graphics are good, controls were solid, and I enjoyed (mostly) the gameplay. I have to admit I never finished it though, and only got maybe 90% through the game. At some point the formula/combat gets stale, at least it did for me.

If it’s cheap and you find yourself enjoying more indie or games that are not necessarily amazing but decent enough, I’d say it’s worth a play through. I think I got like 25-30 hours out of it.