Shaman and... ?


I have a single-class Shaman sitting in my character roster, not particularly high-level, but I want to try a new build.

I’ve done Warder / Ritualist / Conjurer before… am wondering if anybody has any cool suggestions for what I should combine this guy with. Not really fussed about a pet build but anything else would be appreciated.

Maybe a caster?

Are you playing self-found or do you trade? How much gear do you have access to? Do you want an all-around caster or just for Crucible or just for Campaign?

Druids can be pretty fun lightning/cold casters. Trozan’s Sky Shard + Wind Devil and Storm Totem means a ton of AoE storm damage. There’s some good MI offhands to support it while leveling, and some decent endgame gear for it.

A storm totem vindicator would be a strong caster with a different style of play.

Thanks guys.

Hi mad_lee I keep a big stash but I don’t have too many legendary / mythical sets for shamans… I really need a character for Ultimate campaign farming, but if it can do Crucible too that’s a bonus.

Am open to a trickster but my gear sucks for that combo atm.

I have made four very strong Shaman based builds, all completely different in terms of types of damage/styles of play (from stronger to weaker):

  1. Runes Vindicator. Insanely strong, can do 3 runs under 4 buffs/1 vanguard banner, designed for minimal kiting, very forgiving in terms of piloting. Downside: it’s runes, some people (including me) don’t like playing rune builds.
  2. Vitality Ritualist caster. Very strong, can sometimes do 3 runs under 4 buffs/1 vanguard baner, very forgiving in terms of piloting, got big nuke spell on a short cooldown. Downside: no real downsides imo, but gotta get one or two averagely rolled MIs for optimal performance
  3. Vitality Phantasmal Blades Trickster: Very strong, facetanks all combinations of Nemeses with correct positioning (under arcs on Crucible of Death, lol), consistently farms Crucible with 4 buffs no banners within 10 minutes. Downside: in Campaign you gotta have one or two same rings (Mythical Signet of the Fallen) with Ectoplasms instead of Topazes and will need mana potions from time to time.
  4. Melee Druid. My first char and my first build - Utlos Druid. Very strong and exciting, although I can’t make it farm Crucible faster than ~11 minutes for some reason. Maybe it’s the build, maybe it’s my piloting or maybe my PC can’t take that much lag.

^ Hey thanks, will take a look at all of them!

3 of my most played characters are Shaman + X.

Druid: a powerful lighnting caster as already mentioned in this thread is quite fun and very effective.

Vindicator: WPS Dual Gun/2H ranged.

Conjurer: Vitality/Bleeding caster. My favorite toon.

I say give pets a try if you never had.

^ Yeah I think a pet shaman like Sigatrev’s builds would be fun. Is on my list. Am currently trying Mad_Lee’s Bone Jovi (ha!) on elite, although I’ve only got a lower-level version of the main weapon.

Still kicking the snot out of the game… for now.

It is now or never