Shaman/Inquisitor 2H Damage comparison - Primal Strike

hi Guys, new to the forums. Excuse me if in the wrong location

i have a Shaman/Inquisitor busy levelling currently level 78. I use 2 handed ranged with Primal strike for main damage.

Main question is, is the damage per second under Combat Stats accurate? I pick up a 2 handed weapon with much higher stats but the damage shows as much lower under Combat stats. See pics below

49k DPS weapon - Green

vs what seems to be a much higher DPS weapon yet the DPS under Combat stats is a lot lower.

only difference i can see is that it takes my primal strike from 23/16 on the 1st image to 19/16 on the second image

Suggestions please. Damage “feels” the same :smiley:


kinda curious, why do you think the Purple is supposed to be a higher dps weapon?

anyway, no the dps tooltip isn’t totally accurate, but for simpler skills can be used somewhat as decent estimate/“rough approximation”

Now, since you’re using primal strike; the green having actual primal strike skill points is then obviously a huge boosting factor
however, what’s going on in that screenshot is you’re comparing your LMB skill vs RMB, so the comparison isn’t even comparing the same attacks
DPS tooltip comparison is for skill bound on LMB only or RMB if no attack skill is on LMB
since your green weap setup has move to on LMB and primal strike on RMB it’s spitting out dps readout for primal strike
in your purple weap you have basic attack slotted to LMB, so it’s spitting out dps for the basic attack; not primal strike slotted to RMB - and basic attack is obv a much lower dmg skill than even 19pt primal strike

ah, thanks and noted. Changed the LMB skill to move and the DPS jumped to 51k, thanks this solved my problem.