Shard of Beronath/Troll rage and devotions

Hi Guys,

I am theorycrafting a melee car without nightblade. My question is how Beronath/Troll Rage interact with devotions bindet to them.

If I bind Maul to Troll Rage, charge it to max and then switch to i.e. Firestrike, will Maul continue to proc on my fire strike attacks until the charges wear off?

Moreover is it possible to use Shard of berontah and Troll Rage together to get both charge bonuses and then use a third attack which benefits from both charge bonuses?

Pretty sure Maul will only proc from Troll Rage since it’s binded to it. Fire Strike is a separate attack.

ok so that means that the devotion ability is binded to the skill and not to the global buff that troll rage provides.

Pretty much yeah. You have to use the skill for the devotion to proc.

Ok thank you for the info!