shared stash dupe not working

The method to dupe my shared stash no longer works.I disabled all cloud saving when I first started the game, and copied all saves to another location.Shared stash is fine, close it, copy someone else shared stash overtop and all I get now is either a black shared stash or nothing changes(mine still shows up).Not sure what would cause this.Perhaps a game update made it impossible now? idea.Any help would be appreciated.Still love the game though.

It is definitely still working.

Make sure you have cloud save disabled in game and Steam, that is the only thing I can think of.

Also, make sure it is a vanilla stash, not a mod-stash (or for the same mod).

I have cloud saves disabled in steam and the game, but I do have the fasterloots mod, and the stash dupe worked before.Didnot realize the method was mod dependent

the method works for all mods, but the stash file stores which mod it is for (or none for vanilla) and will appear empty if you use it for a different mod / vanilla game instead