shar'zul's worldeater is incredibly disappointing

the character i was having the most fun with before taking a break for a few months was my 2h fire strike elementalist, so needless to say when i saw the stats on shar’zul’s worldbreaker i knew i had to farm it

a few hours later i got one with fantastic rolls, and it’s… worse than infernal brimstone.

slightly worse sheet dps (from 75k to 74.4k), but since a large portion of my damage with infernal brimstone is burn damage and worldeater has substantially more fire and phys, i assumed it would perform better. it doesn’t, though, and at least a part of it has to do with the fact that for some reason shar’zul’s wrath is an activated skill and not a proc, so i lose out on the juicy meteors from infernal brimstone.

if my campaign to convince you guys to remove the cooldown from all legendary-granted skills has failed, can you at least make shar’zul’s wrath a proc? i know i sound like a broken record here, but what is the actual point of the skill in its current form? the animation for it is incredibly cool, yeah, but why would i ever use it? it does 2/3 of the damage of my fire strike autoattack (which now has aoe as well), has a longer animation, and it can’t shotgun. i cannot think of any situation in which i would use it.

i get that this is just one build, so maybe there are instances where worldeater is better (like if i was a commando instead, but even then), but it’s really disheartening when something looks like it was made for your build and it turns out to be a worse version of an item that already exists. honestly infernal brimstone is an incredible item, so i don’t really get why you chose to create something that’s essentially a duplicate of it that’s marginally worse or marginally better in certain situations. like, imagine if ultos’s stormseeker was the only 2h legendary lightning axe and then in a minor patch you took the time to create stormreaver.

also, i am not against players having more buttons to press. if shar’zul’s wrath did more damage than my autoattack i would be happy to press it every 2.8 seconds. or you could just make it a proc. alkamos’s scythe has a great proc, so does valbury dude’s weapon, why can’t shar’zul’s too?

on that note alkamos’s scythe is a lot of fun and really well-itemized, so kudos on that

Nice to see you here

Welcome back

Sorry to hear that. I also have fire elementalist with brimstone that i am fond of due to highest burn DoT. Was looking forward to this weapon but was concerned that ability is activated. It shouldn’t be so at legendary level melee. It’s not Frostwyrm.

I would rather the ability had a bit lower damage but was a proc…or spammable of somekind like obsidian juggernaut

ok… now switch Alkamos Scythe with the World Eater and your post is correct.

so anyone want to trade their sharzul worldeater to my soulrender? :rolleyes:

The game could definitely do with more granted skills on the level of Obsidian Tremor and Winter King’s might.

+1 to this

I find the Worldeater to be much stronger than brimstone. Shar’Zul’s Wrath works very well as a shotgun ability. If it were made into a proc or spammable then the ability would need to be made significantly weaker. You shouldn’t underestimate it.

I am not a fan of extra buttons, but if i understand correctly then it’s similar to Incinerator skill but stronger?

Similar but significantly stronger. It massacres larger enemies and is capable of clearing rooms on its own. It’s also good for devotion procs.

Hmm, will try it come expansion. Thanks for the input

yeah of course, every single time i suggest spammable activated skills (which is like 5 or 6 times in the past year) i mention that they would need to be balanced accordingly

what build are you using worldeater with? i was really surprised by how low the damage was, i figured since like 30% of my damage came from burn with brimstone that replacing it with mostly flat damage would greatly boost my effective dps but my clear speed definitely suffered when i switched

i’ll have to try the shotgunning again, maybe i just wasnt positioning properly

either way though, it’s weird that the other two roguelike bosses have procs on their legendary weapons and shar’zul doesn’t

i’m using my worldeater on an elementalist which isn’t even build for 2h. did multiplayer runs with dikkie while he only healed me. my damage…even only using the skill of the mace… let me clear screens fast. even people who watched the stream were saying the weapon was OP.

the alkamos scythe on the other hand is rather “meh”. its not bad, but not great either. its just “fine”.


Hi guys, someone there was able to drop Shar’Zul’s Worldeater, new item added in the last patch, which falls from the last boss of the 2nd dg .
I ask since the patch I have been in this DG more than 70 times, and in most Times with full pt, and neither me nor anyone else with me was able to drop … do you have a bug preventing the drop of this item? On 1st DG I got all 3 legendary items from Alkamos after going 14 times …

If someone has had the luck to drop and can donate one for me … because I can not go to this DG anymore …

I have the alkamos scythe as well as the legendary rings of the same … someone is interested in changing for the
Shar’Zul’s Worldeater? Or even give me, I can not go on that dg after so many frustrated attempts to drop

The proc of Worldeater actually kicks ass. Each projectile with Deadly Momentum up can deal around 30k. It basically removes weaker trash mobs with even less effort than usual.

I decided to change from Fire Strike to Cadence because of this weapon and i’m glad i did. Clear speed has increased very nicely.