Shattered/Cadence vs Belgothian Pierce Blademaster?

Hi! My 3rd thread, hope I don’t spam much since they are all related to Blademasters.

Which Pierce DW Blademaster is the better version in your opinion and why, Belgothian variant or the one using Cadence and Shattered set?

I saw videos on YouTube of either doing pretty much everything in game, however I am wondering which is more “optimal” and better all rounder in your opinion?

I am currently running Belgothian one, however I use whole set pretty much everything I got from 1st try, so it’s not good rolled in terms of stats and I miss materials and gold to make more helms and transmute them, and I farmed very good Shattered set (every item has 50% dmg, 5% phys res and 41+ OA/DA) so thinking about switching to it. Is it even worth considering that?

I’m gonna stick with Belgo for BM, SR set is more a defensive and build enabler sets for build that don’t have dedicated item, it’s CC and resist is good and the sets also have circuit breaker. Reaver claw is your friend if you’re going for that route.

I too currently playtasting a Belgo BM build, and your earlier thread must be said it help the build in some way, although I’m going with different weapon and some gear setup. But still I’m struggling with survivability against some bosses combination.

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I too currently playtasting a Belgo BM build. But still I’m struggling with survivability against some bosses combination.

Exactly my problem currently! :slight_smile: That’s why I am considering switching to Shattered Guardian variant in favor of survivability, however it would require for me to find 2nd Reaver’s Claw and get more Ugdenbloom for all the components than I’d like to farm, and not even sure if it’s worth it

Belgothian is the way to go for BM. I have tried the SR set with good rolls and its not even close. Can farm SR 70-71 consistently.
Here is my build: