Shattered cold trickster


This one is cold ring of steel trickster using the shattered realm set. It’s not beginner friendly because of the alkamos’ rings and good rolled greens. The idea behind it is pretty straightforward and the result pretty balanced (defensively and offensively) and fun.

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  • Fast playstyle
  • Decent damage


  • Alkamos’ rings are hard to get


  • 35 Raging tempest
  • 10 Veil of shadow
  • 35 Night’s chill
  • 32 Elemental storm
  • 23 Rumor

Total - 135


Rumor, Kraken , elemental storm, bat, ghoul and leviathan are mandatory for damage, defense and rr. Rest is good filler

Main damage comes from ring of steel, so max that out. Amarasta’s for the buff, shadow strike for movement and some damage. Blades spirits as high as it gets for damage and procing devotions. Stormcallers’ pact for exclusive. Wendigo totem as high as it can get for sustain. Veil of shadow, mogdrogen’s pact and pneumatic burst lines obviously for passives for a trickster.


Shattered guardian set, alkamos’ rings set for the stats and the piercing conversion. Bane of the winter king is perfect for cold tricksters. Hagarrad gloves for relevant stats and piercing conversion. Lunal valgoth belt for vitality conversion ,+ 1 to nightblade skills and stats. Solael pants for adcth and good stats. Mark of calamitous desires for stats and ring of steel boost. Serenity for the +1 to all skils, stats and proc.


You can level with primal strike and lightning gear and then respec or use amarasta’s, shadow strike or autoattacks till you get to ring of steel.


I have tried 2 melee cold damage dealers before (another trickster and an infiltrator with other sets) and they were too squishy. Shattered guardian comes to the rescue one more time. All in all a fun, strong character.


Shattered cold trickster vs lokarr

Shattered cold trickster sr 75-76 15.45 min

(old sr, new sr video coming soon)

Shattered cold trickster sr ( 75-76 16.30min


Shouln’t you be using Ring of Frost? With the gloves and rings you have at most 60% pierce to cold conversion.

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Holy shit! yes of course!! i thought i had put the point in it!

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