Shattered Realm Boss room question

How come boss rooms are packed with bosses? Would it not make sense just to have 1 boss per SR level? Right now, everyone pushing in high SR stays in the very corner of the room praying they do not agro all the bosses at once, and then they kill the bosses one by one.

It would make much more sense to have one boss per room to make progressing in SR much more interesting, fun and still be challenging and rewarding. Of course, this would mean that SR would be easier but it does not have to be by scaling the bosses’ health and damage (but not one-shot range). Further, it would promote better gameplay because it is much more intimate to fight one boss, and learning the boss’s intricacies and nuances, instead of staying in the corner and facetanking everything or dying in the process.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Am I wrong to suggest this? Please let me know, I would really like to know your perspectives!

SR is meant to get harder and harder the further you go.

Yes but what I am saying is properly scaling one boss to make it harder is a much better experience than bombarding us with 5 OP bosses all at once. I feel like spawning 5 bosses is just an arbitrary way of creating the illusion of challenge, which is very lazy.

That might be way too easy in later shards so here’s what I suggest:

First off, make each bosses aggro range larger to prevent cheesing. Then the spawn system could look like this:

  • 1 boss maximum until shard 24
  • 2 bosses from 25 to 49
  • 3 bosses from 50 to 74
  • 4 bosses from 75 to 99
  • 5 bosses from 100 onwards

Draw those bosses from a pool of pre-defined groups that aren’t too unfair for at least the first 50 shards. That’s where the last main game quest ends, this should be doable for everyone with a decent build. These group combinations can get harder in higher shards, up to the level of unfairness that we have right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Also add some more obstacles in some of the rather empty arenas to make dodging and taking cover a bit easier.

I vote for this. It would increase my enjoyment of SR by a lot. The RNG of the boss interaction can be a real killer. I would even be ok with reducing rewards.

In many games pulling sub-groups of mobs/bosses is seen as a mattrer of skill/tactics, why is it seen as being cheesy here?

i agree. More like diablo, a powerful boss with more dps, more life, more res, and why not more skill, that will be great, and may be a powerfull boss with 3 attributes, ( shamane + nightblade + soldier for exemple)

It’s possible in a game like guild wars 1, we used to pull mobs with a long bow. But this game is an hack n slash.

I sympathize with OPs idea.

It would be more shmup-style (or even dark-soulsy) to have really hard single-bosses whose attack patterns you can learn to some extent instead of the random chaotic clusterfcks were getting thrown into.

For variety we can keep the 5-boss-rooms too, but maybe alternate them with rooms that have just one or two, but very powerful bosses? (buffed nemeses or even superbosses at the very high shards maybe)

I’d certainly like that.

Now that I think of it, it’d be super fun if SR supported multiplayer more. For example, if we get 5 bosses in SR 75, in multiplayer we’d get either 100% damage increase per additional player or 100% more boss spawn per additional player (if 5 spawn in single, 10 spawn when two players).

This could be an easier multiplayer fix, although it’d not solve the storyline multiplayer issues.

Just please no hate. :confused:

There’s no skill involved at all, and i don’t know if slowly walking forward step by step could be considered tactics :rolleyes:

Thing is, the boss rooms are so small that it’s pure chance if the bosses in a room come rushing at you as soon as you enter or not. And every few shards you get Valdaran who teleport-swaps positions.
So make it fair by either increasing the aggro range while reducing the boss count, or increasing the size of each boss room by at least 100% so you can actually scout the situation and act accordingly.

The boss rooms should be same, i mean every room should allow you to lure bosses one by one OR no room should allow you tu lure at all. The way it is now is just an unneccessary lottery. You can get 10 ‘lureable’ rooms in a row of 60-70 shards which can be relatively easily done or you can get one 61. shard where all bosses rushes you right at spawn and rape you in mere seconds.

I am not sure just storming in and pulling everything is exactly more skillfull/tactical if you are reducing the number of mobs accordingly :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true ofc, and that’s why my favorite solution is larger boss arenas. Add an outer ring or something so any player with any build can assess the situation in each arena and deal with it accordingly. Or how about decreasing aggro range? That’d help too I guess. Some veteran playtesters even consider the current aggro range a bug :rolleyes: