Shattered Realm Loot Table

Hi all,

Inspired by MikeFic, I decided to run all SR tiers from 30-75, 10x each and record the results, to get an idea of what the current SR loot distribution looks like after the patch.

I also recorded my times, not as an indicator of fast farming, but to see which tier was the best for loot for me specifically. Although others might find the data useful as a relative measure of each shard and difficulty compared to the others.

The spreadsheet is here -

Interestingly enough, for my build and ability, it’s more efficient to farm legendaries on Elite SR75-76 than any tier on Ultimate. However my clear times are very dependent on the mutators and the specific maps that I get, and a sample of 10 is probably not enough to get an accurate idea.

Still, it’s better than nothing, and the above spreadsheet has taken about 2 weeks of grinding to compile, so I’m not quite ready to do it all again to improve the accuracy. I’m actually quite sick of SR for now, so this will have to do.


Wow this is really cool man. Thanks for sharing!

Amazing work! Thank you!

Very nicely done :+1:.
Glad to see normal is a good place to try to target farm blues/iron bits

This thread need more recognition IMHO. It shows that we need increase in iron bits drop for Ultimate SR. How do you think guys?

Interesting stuff dude!
It was suprising to see that epic + legendaries seems to be highest in normal. Good news for us that lacks some epics I guess :wink:

Perhaps it should be added to the guides section?

Depends if it was done before this

It appears so?

I agree :+1: i also wonder how the changes to MI will be reflected in SR, because triple rare will be a thing then