Shattered Realm Loot

I seem to remember that Zantai said we would be getting loot added up to SR90, but that it would not be extra loot past SR 80. Am I remembering correctly, or did things change?

The only reference I found in the patch notes was a note about adding a new waystone with rewards up to SR90.

Can anyone clarify what happened here? Has anyone tested?

loot drops
death’s waystone got changed to 95 instead of 80 and we got eternal waystone from 80-90 now
pretty sure the “no extra” loot bit changed tho, think someone confirmed there was better MI payout past 80 while less below, so 75-76? wasn’t actually the best place to get ex Nemesis MIs anymore since there is less of them now

edit, just did quick 85-86 using eternal stone, got 21 legends and 16 MIs, i think it’s safe to say loot is increased, and quite significantly so :sweat_smile:

SR 75/76 just gave me 19 legendary items, 6 epics, 17 MIs.

I wonder how much randomness is included, because my SR75/76 is only 2 legendaries below SR 85/86 and 1 MI above.

EDIT: Run 2 gave 17 leg, 3 Epic, 14 MI. That’s a huge difference. I know random is random, but this run also dropped 3/4 of the Bonemonger set.

EDIT2: Run 3 gave 18 leg, 4 epic, 17 MI.

don’t think iv’e seen 19 legendaries on 75-76 before :thinking:

I counted twice, but I guess it’s possible I miscounted? Is it supposed to be the same number every time? I don’t spend a whole lot of time farming SR, and I’ve never counted before.

3rd run dropped 18 leg, 4 epic, 17 MI (edited above)

no it’s within a range of like 2-3-4 i think
it’s just that normally i get like 16ish 17on the high end, around 14-15MIs

So I spent a couple hours doing SR last night, and after taking a shower (ugh, SR) it does seem that the loot does indeed increase, though MIs did seem less as I got higher. I did 5 runs of 75/76, 5 runs of 80/81 and 5 runs of 85/86.

As I got deeper, it seems like you get 1-2 more legendaries and a couple less MIs per 5 tiers. Epics seemed to be fairly stable at 4-5 per run. Granted my sample size isn’t great, but it certainly seems like more deep = more (legendary) loot.

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