Shattered Realm problems

Hey guys, i’m having problems to get to the mask of this set… I need help… What is the easiest way to get there… I’ve tried to get a waystone after 60 (other person) and done it with help -> couldn’t buy it and the new used waystone isn’t available on my smith (thx for that…).

I really don’t like the SR because i always get stuck in one of the bossrooms and i waste so much of my time… today alone 3h for literally nothing… it is absolutely no fun at all and frustrating.

I did it on Ultimate, i read i could do that in Normal or Elite -> do i get the mask there, ist that an option?
Is there a other easy way without a major time investment to get it?


Yes, you can link GT for help. Also in boss rooms, especially bigger is good to aggro abuse bosses one by one. On this level of shards it’s hard to compete against multiple bosses, even if you have sturdy builds.

What build are you using? Link Your grimtools please. I understand your pain, had to go through the very same climb in hardcore. Lost great toons but learned my lessons. There are easy builds that can get you to 60.

I just did it… you can’t skip all but when you do it with a group way over you self earned SR level you don’t get the waystones but the progress. So i just had to get to 45->50 (waystone x) and then in another run from 55-60 (waystone x+1)… that worked. It was a good idea to do that with a group online, was much easier - good they had final builds.

I have my build already in GT planned, hope it works out when i have the right gear. It’s still in the making… so i don’t even know the final gear yet… but i think i need much greens.

For the normal game in Ultimate it is really smooth to play, only problems i had were spikes from reflected dmg mostly. For the normal bosses it is ok, i haven’t tried hard ones yet… not ready for that in that state.

I don’t read guides and i like to find that stuff out on my own… so thx but i don’t need builds :slight_smile:.

So you want Shadow Strike build? Then why not take at least a point in Nightfall. I do quick change of skill points only, nothing else

Smite is not working for non auto attack builds, Guardians scale awful for damage. You need much more offensive and defensive ability. My guides said 2.8k from both with permanent buffs for level 100 character. Also you can go to Aeon for permanent ascension.

I know that my OA and DA are bad… but for now… i can’t change that. And yeah Ugdenbloom… all builds need damn Ugdenbloom^^.

But thx for the tipps… i will try that defenitely.

lethal assault working without using the skill?

@ smite -> should be for the strikes between shadowstrike…

the boys don’t scale good :(, sad story

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yeah because i don’t have the points for that, but when the boys are so bad i try your way

Lethal assault works when you hit ABB skill, gives you tons of damage to use on RF(you can take just because auto attack is weak) and also boosts your armor. If you hit lehal assault and then Shadow Strike, your SS damage will be much higher, also offensive ability boost. You can test that against dummy. I saw in your GT no augments. You can click arrow up left corner to upload directly your GT instead of manually typing each item.

I have so many builds that i try… i just lack the blooms for those components, thats why i don’t have them.

And thx :).

Shouldn’t be hit and run and i want the 2H-blade, for now it works… except bosses (hit and run). I plays pretty well for that… i like it… i test the smite thing, but when i stay in there i have a use of it. I need to look into amarastras blade burst… i want my builds bit buttonsmashing and i have not so much space left for more skills.

know that, didn’t do it because i don’t know the equip yet and don’t wanted to waste my time with it

try that

since no grim internals i think i have no choice^^

I don’t use Grim Internals too, so no big problem. I can give you more details, but then the build will no longer be yours, right? So just remember to pay attention to mechanics and you will be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

grim internals was better to overlook which dmg you do and whatsoever. for my dot build the dummy had no use, but with internals i saw what i could make better. the dmg over time is important…

thx for the help guys… but i think thats enough for today :slight_smile: (don’t want more “spoilers”)