[shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight

It should be viable as is. In fact I think it might be influenced by my HC habits already.

after so many failed build attempts i needed a guide like this. its also S&B which is my favourite:D thank you good sir!

Good to know and thanks for answering!

im a bit confused on what this is in terms of damage. i know the krieg build is an aether conversion build but is this a more phys oriented setup? just curious are you scaling phys and then respeccing once you get the krieg pieces.

sorry im still relatively new to GD’s mechanics.

You’re correct. :slight_smile:
It’s not just Krieg pieces - Mindwarp is just as important.

just respecced to cadence and im having life sustain issues. just using a random green weapon i found is there a way to get leech before i get to level 85 and can buy the weapon?

here is my character right now


what should i do to optimize? i dont have any writs or xp pots this is a first character on a fresh save.

my damage also feels awful :confused:

I manage to find the blueprints for the components in the proposed build. I have 95% similar set-up, but use Mythical Warborn Gavel instead as weapon. Still, damage sucks! Can’t push beyond wave 100 on aspirant crucible :confused:

Is that what is expected or am I doing something wrong? What is the “goal” with this build, to be able to farm Kreigs set in elite?

Use components and augments in gear. You also need +x% to physical damage on gear. What are your faction statuses?

Man, Dragon, your beginner builds make we want to keep starting new characters :wink:

Playing the ranged Tactitian… then saw the Elementalist and was like, maybe I should try it (but decided I should stick with Tactician for now).

Now see the Death Knight, and like, maybe I should try it.

What I should really do is stick with one character at least to get it into Ultimate and with maxed Factions to be able to level alts properly (played the game like 2 years ago, and still have a lvl60 Saboteur, 45+ Conjurer and 30+ Druid).

i have most of the factions honored this is my first character on this save so no twink gear or writs although ive played 2 characters to 100 in the past so im not a total noobie im still not super familiar with this game. i added the coven flat physical damage augment to my weapon and shield but eh

it still feels pretty shitty but at least i can “kind of” kill stuff

i modified my devotions a bit for some more damage based on some help from some guys in the discord. ill swap over to the more defensive stuff at some point though.

here is my grimtools now https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zo1bLV

ive played 2 other character to 100 in the past a dreegs evil eye character and a vitality conjurer both of which i didnt ever feel like my clear and damage were so bad while leveling.


edit1: forcewave was amazing to level with until 62 its only since then that i started having issues. is cadence just really shitty feeling without gear or something?

edit2: more gear upgrades clear speed seems slow still doing level 80 zones ultimate a4 im level 75 im tanky enough i think but the damage and clear speed leaves a lot to be desired https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeOyY62

Push it to level 65 and buy gear pieces from Coven/Malmouth Resistance
You also need to replace your boots already. Overall aside from few pieces your gear seems very outdated - most is req. level 40-50 while you’re level 63 already. Forcewave forgives that because it’s not a melee build, Cadence isn’t.

Cadence DPS is neither great nor awful. It’s pretty average.

I haven’t seen your build so I can’t hope to know. I farmed aspirant cruicble with that without buffs or banners until made a mistake and Zantarin two-shot my character. It was a HC one.
The character had like 35-40k Cadence DPS, DK has 70k on the screenshot on the first page.

The goal is to provide means to farm ultimate, since you’re unlikely to find many legendaries on elite. You should be able to at least clear SoT with this.

Krieg on elite is a rather low threshold, so no, it’s supposed to do better than just that. I quite easily killed Krieg on Ultimate with this build, but have to concede that it’s dps is somewhat lacking at this point into the game, at least against enemies like aether titans.

I’m sorry that the build is not up to your expectations, but I never ever mentioned that it destroys all campaign content and is an efficient gladiator farmer. It’s just a build to bootstrap you into farming ultimate, like the rest of my beginner’s builds.

This looks better gear-wise. You can also buy Malmouth Bladed Waistguard recipe and replace your belt.

As for devotions I agree with Rhowan’s Sceptre for a time being. Harp is strange but okay, I can see the point.

Use coven’s chest instead of malmouth’s though. Coven’s chest has the deadly momentum bonus which is important.

Overall I’m very surprised that so many people said already that Cadence has shitty damage.

thanks for the reply i just tried ultimate log with the above gear and i couldnt do it :frowning: he just kept spawning adds and overwhelmed me when he got down to 30% hp. I just kept chain dying. I just feel my biggest issue is i dont do nearly enough dps to kill shit before i just get overrun

ill try the upgrades you mentioned. ive just never had this much trouble doing dps in this game and its really frusterating. i really want to do the krieg set thing so ill keep trying but this is hard.

So you’re playing ultimate already with your build? That explains it a bit.

I kinda expected players to take it slowly and don’t venture into ultimate before reaching level 90 and packing up with high end gear I listed. That’s what I always do :rolleyes:
My bad, was wrong of me to expect that everyone has the same pace.

all good man what should i be doing then? grinding rep in elite? im only level 76 is there a good way to level at this point or just do all the quests?

thanks a lot for your help btw im not trying to sound whiny im just frusterated. i really appreciate the help and nice guide

quick question. are all the krieg pieces farmable in elite ? and at what level do i need to be to start seeing them?

You need to be level 94

I was just curious what you would say the overall performance would be. My old version (2H vitality), just using crap stuff I found along the way was both safer and killed faster than what I did now. So in some sense, I regret that I respeced…

I have decided to hunt for the last three pieces of the Krieg set with another char, I got the boots on my first run so now I only have two targets to run :slight_smile:

I also stockpile greens that will sell for lots of irons, and aether crystals.

Depending what else I find, I either continue the S&B route or go 2H with aether damage focus.

I did not mean that “killing krieg” but rather since you said this is a pre-krieg build, that it should have the ability to farm the krieg set (the three bosses in Malmouth)

It is a good guide nevertheless, I learned alot from it :slight_smile:

Once I get the full Krieg set, what would be a good mid-tier weapon be? I understand that Mindwarp is pretty much BiS for a S&B Kreig DK, would empowered Immaterial Edge or the Coven axe be a good start? Also Coven protector shield looks pretty nice too. I have blueprints for both seal of might and seal of corruption so can get pretty high phys->aether damage conversion

Go 2H with M. Soulsplitter :slight_smile:

EDIT: apparently “killing krieg” is a little ambiguous. Yes, what I meant is that this setup can farm krieg pieces on elite and slower but still possible on ultimate.

Ah thanks, I have that weapon I think! I could also look for 2H aether weapons at Hyram in steelclap (with rolls like +x% aether damage, AdctH, AS, phys dmg -> Aether damage) or is it better to go with Soulsplitter and as much Phys->aether dmg conversion as possible? (I guess I could do the math myself at some point)

Would you go with Harbringer or Souls or Olerons rage for exclusive skills with a 2H setup since Menhir would be out of the question?

I see, I was thinking about the first version of Krieg in Warden lab :smiley: