[shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight

I’d like to answer your questions, but it’s something I have planned but didn’t try yet. I know it works from other people’s feedback and that’s pretty much it, no details.

Surprised you don’t consider Master of Death though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Master of Death is a solid choice too! I guess it all depends on what I lack; OA vs. AS & AdctH

EDIT: I did 20 or so Hyram runs, this was the best weapon I got so far https://i.imgur.com/FKdNi3U.png

First 100 waves I’ve done lazily, almost one-handed. Used Overguard only twice when it was nemesis waves. No buffs.
On Wave 115 lost a bonus which means dps isn’t good enough. Activated Amatok and Ulo buffs.

I didn’t see a build like this listed, but any ideas how well it would work?


It has 100% shield recovery and 100% WPS along with fleshwarped strikes. Aether damage seems little low, but not sure how to bump that while keeping resists maxed. I’m sure there’s a way, soldier is easy on resists.

Try checking/asking here.

Is it worth to use buffs before wave 150?

100-150 optimal route for unli farm is Amatok+Empyrion buffs and vanguard banner, provided your char can clear in 25 mins (before buffs expire) with that. Dunno if that’s applicable to challenger tho. I can’t remember if tribute rewards are lower there.

Yes, if it’s the difference between farming and not farming challenger in this kind of gear :rolleyes:
But idk, imo farming challenger is more or less like farming ultimate SoT, I prefer campaign really.

Tribute rewards are lower, so I use two buffs, no banner.

Thanks, I am trying to optimize a crucible route for my DK. I think I will just go with aspirant for a while, doing 100-140, get two celestial powers then do 150 and restart at checkpoint (130) two times since my celestial buff would not last for a third restart and it just costs to much tributes.

I managed to scramble a few new legendaries that might be useful as a partial upgrade for me (in the physical S&B realm). Is it ok if I at some point post my build here and get feedback on what components and augments I could/should use?

It is definitely ok.

Just installed GD and will use this guide for my very first character. Thanks!

Hello there,

Followed your guide until Eel, but unable to get enough green to be able to unlock Kraken, even reset 1 blue and added 1 green still lacking 1 pts ???

yeah. dont work with eel and hawk.

Better go:

green -> spider -> respec green -> blue -> eel -> respec blue -> kraken

with spider you get cast speed -> good for forcewave -> forcewave is a spell. Later if you want you can respec the attack speed notes from the kraken if you want.

Because I got Falcon beforehand. See the text above the devotion route.

Falcon -> Hawk -> Eel -> Kraken

I did some inventory management today and I think I can pull this one off


It is somewhat a transition to a warborn DK

Any tips are appreciated

NOTE: I intend to do Challenger crucible runs with this dude, so resistances are tweeked to be ok on elite difficulty and not on ultimate.
(for utlimate/gladiator, I would swap ring and amulet for something without +skills for resistances instead)

Craft a Stonewall Defender with %physical resist (plenty of affixes)
Use Elite Coven chestguard instead of Gildor shit - Deadly Momentum bonus is important
Farm a better helm if you really want to use this one for skill mod
Replace a second ring with Coven Storm Seal
Replace medal with something better
Farm Ultimate a bit till you have more useful recipes like Runebound Topaz
Consider also replacing boots.

Why is your Overguard 10/12?
Why 14/12 break morale when it grows slow after 12/12?
Why Fighting Form 12/12? Did you intent to compensate for not getting Blind Fury? Well, too bad for you - it doesn’t come close.
Arcane Barrier should be bound to permanent aura rather than Menhir’s Will - otherwise it’ll work only when you’re down to 33% hp and for some time afterwards.

It’s fine to make use of Warborn items because they are the direct upgrade, belt is also fine (but you don’t use it’s unique conversion for some reason - try to get Soul Harvest 12/12, would be a solid boost to dps), gloves are also fine. Medal is probably fine if you could somehow fix resistances the other way. As for everything else you have no excuse. Seriously, if I am to sum it up it’s “follow my guide closer”.

No, you won’t efficiently farm Challenger the way your build is at the moment.

ok, I will craft some more shields. I have a mythical meat shield, would give me 21k health unbuffed (should give about 30k after blessing?) would this be an option, it is not an offensive shield though apart from its flat vitality dmg that will be converted to physical with the belt.

Not sure what I can use as amulet, I think Warmasters pride is the best one I have for this kind of build (flat phys dmg, + all soldier skills, nice proc)

I have better fleshwarped casques in terms of mods, but lower tier ones so will lose some armor there. Having almost 100% uptime on war cry should be huge, both offensive and defensive wise.

Yeah I was thinking about soul harvest, I think I will remove some skills from fighting form actually (and give up Ill omen since there will be too many skills for my taste) For belt, I can make reforged chains of oleron ( https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/1102 ) I kinda felt that the gladiator belt fits the theme of DK well and makes better use of reaping strike but soul harvest should be included then (spectral wrath become kinda powerful aswell)

You have assassins mark bound to Zolhans, which has 20% activation. And say you have 20% chance of crit, that means you cast assassins mark 1 in 25 attacks, isn’t that kinda low rate?

new try: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62awDB3Z (will have about 50% more weapon damage as your build, and 1% more physical resist despite my shield sucks)

Thanks for the help

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkqa1dV my boy, level 90. 74k dps selfbuffed already with a yellow mace :smiley:

have 2 items from the warborn set in the stash. the mace and the shoulder. will stay physical damage I think :rolleyes:

I want to make doom too but I am missing the Reckoning blueprint :frowning:

Oh I have those gloves, I should use them over the ones I put in my build suggestion

I should also try to do the hidden path quest on veteran and elite to get more skill points

I’m not so sure about gloves actually. Chances are high yours are better.