Shieldbreaker 2-handed ''Whirlwind'' Build

Sup Y’all.

Made a nice build with the new Oathkeeper tree that is mainly relying on Eye of Reckoning(not sure if it has already been made), who’s kind of looking like a whirlwind ability if i’m reading correctly :rolleyes: . It uses a 2-handed with Fire/Physical/Lightning dammage.

Beside this, I have Fire strike + Smite for single target. The main bad boy is basicly whirling in with Eye of Reckoning + Vindictive flames + Shit ton of retaliation dammage(Temper, Blast Shield, Ascencion, Devotions, etc.)+ Hand of Ultos(stuns) + stun procs. Build is also Focused on boosting crit dammage with Devotions and Divine Mandate and trying to have a high crit chance so you can proc Hand of ultos repeatidly while Reckoning.

I need your feedbacks because even thought I think this build is badass, I think it has some weaknesses like mana management, i’m affraid Eye of Reckoning will just eat all my mana. It could also have a hard time surviving (Althought the build has many debuffs on enemies, knocks, stuns, regen, life conversions, absorbtion), i’m affraid it’s not enough. I also have no idea how to put my attributes points, since it’s a melee geared build i’m gonna need alot of Str, if I want max crit i’m gonna need full Cunning and if I want to Reckoning all the time i’m gonna need a bit of Spirit too.

Thx, hope i’ve inspired a few. :slight_smile:

We discuss FG builds in here: :slight_smile:

EoR will be good for single target too, Fire Strike is just waste of points.

Also build is 50% items, you have 0 items, so its not even a build.

What will your main dmg type be? Fire, lightning, physical? How are you gonna do conversions?

You have no resistance reduction, damage will suck metric tonnes. You only have Ultos, shepard of storms.

Why smite?!?!

Ulzins wrath is crap too.

Question: have you done builds in Grim Dawn before? :rolleyes:

No it’s my first time, I get carried away with the theme and forget if it’s optimized or not, haha, it was just some kind of draft to help me throught the next expansion, it’s realy the build I wanna make, what would you suggest instead of putting points in firestrike ? Smite was meant for single target, but if firestrike is useless, then it is too. Main dammage would be fire, do i really have to converse my dammage to a main element ? What are good options for resistance reduction ? For gear I was thinking of ulzuin set, i’m currently working on that. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

There are plenty of Eye of Reckoning builds in the thread I posted, YOU can find some inspiration in there :wink:

Yes you do need to convert and focus on as few dmg types as possible, thus you would need a high rate of phys > fire and lightning > fire.

Then you need to get +% dmg, and resistance reductions for your dmg type(s).