Should I adjust my loot filter for component blueprints?

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I’ve been having serious trouble finding any blueprints for the low-level crafting components. I’m not talking about rare stuff like ancient hearts but the low-level non-faction ones like Blessed Whetstone.

It’s just struck me that maybe the reason I can’t find any of them is because of my loot filter (IE: They’re dropping but I can’t see them). Some time ago (around clvl 20-30) I set it to exclude yellow or white items. Will this have meant that potentially important blueprints will have been lost amongst drops I’ve been ignoring? I had (wrongly?) assumed that blueprints wouldn’t have been affected by that filter setting, since they’re more like blues/purples in my mind.

If I’ve been stupid and accidentally cut myself off from these really important blueprints, can I viably farm them by going back to earlier areas of the game, even though I’m now hilariously over-level for those areas? My char is now lvl72 and I’m missing even the lvl25 blueprints. Any hints on where to go, if I want to do this?

Alternatively maybe I’ve been terribly unlucky and my loot filter was never a problem but they genuinely didn’t drop. If so, the “can I go back and farm them” question still stands, because I still need them. I’m now running areas which are way above the level range to drop those blueprints so I have no hope of finding them where I am.

I realise I can buy some blueprints I’m missing from faction vendors but I have basically zero (IIRC only one I picked up ages ago) of the non-faction ones and it’s blocking me from crafting all of the important “good stuff”, because of missing low-level prereqs.


Gear filters don’t affect blueprint visibility as far as I have experienced. I’m still getting low level blueprints though rarely despite being 90+. I have set my loot filter to only show MIs, epic and higher.

Must’ve been just luck. Also, if I remember correct once you’ve learned a blueprint, it will no longer drop for that character who learned it (?).


Gear filters don’t affect blueprint visibility as far as I have experienced.

That’s good news. At least I haven’t been ignoring important drops.

The follow-up then is “Is there anywhere I should be going/farming to maximise my chances of finding/collecting them”? These are now my top priority because I’m cut off from some great higher-level crafting recipes until I can have the base components.

I read somewhere that treasure troves (needing dynamite) are good for blueprints. Any other suggestions? Should I be visiting areas with level ranges around 25 or so? I’ll breeze through them if I do but if it improves my chances then it’ll be worth it.

Blessed Whetstone IS a faction blueprint. In general, a lot of the “basic” blueprints can be obtained from faction vendors or other vendors. Check these out.

Blueprints also drop from Crucible and SR chests. General rule: The higher the level, the higher the drop chances. At level 100, farming SR 60+ on Normal or Elite already yields good loot. Same goes for Challenger (NOT Gladiator) Crucible at around 150. I’d level to 100 first though before farming for blueprints. There’s still a lot to drop on your way to max level.

Besides that, blueprints for e.g. components still drop at high levels, if you haven’t learned them already. Don’t worry - check your vendors and play on. The blueprints will come.


D’oh. I’d written this away from my gaming PC. I thought I’d picked an example of a non-faction component. Seems I didn’t. Whoops.

I realised today (after some reading around) that I forgot to check faction vendors for component recipes. Haven’t purchased any yet, and I’m revered with Homestead/Kymon/Outcast now. That will partially solve my problem.

I’d like to get these blueprints before I max level though because “the things I want to craft” right now (for which I do have the blueprints) are not exactly end-game gear. It’s expect to change up again when I’m around the low/mid 90s. What I’m looking for is stuff to replace old level 50 gear that I’m still hanging onto past the end of its shelf life.

It seems I need to pay more attention to Crucible and SR, haven’t even touched them yet.

You will fill out core bps (relics, components) naturally by playing and properly checking faction vendors. You don’t need to stress a lot about specific methods, they’ll come quite quickly from many places! These kind of BP in my experience are not level gated either. Remember seeing plenty at max level when I first got there.


Thanks guys. Last night I dropped a little over a million iron on BPs from various vendors (including a few AG runs stopping via Vinelton). It was mostly buying up all of the stuff I should have bought already. I’ve got all of the core component BPs that I needed for the things I want to craft in the immediate future, plus a decent number of BPs for things to craft.

I think my mistake was looking at the faction component BPs a long time ago and thinking they didn’t look very good for their own bonuses, so never bought them. I didn’t connect the dots that those components are more useful for crafting than they are for actually putting into gear.

Also, dipped into SR for the first time, was pleasantly surprised at the loot haul compared to how much time the run took.

SR in normal is one of the most time efficient ways to farm loot for a newer player!

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Specifically level 35-36. Start on level 35 with one of the keystones you can craft via the blacksmith, continue on the level 36 and cash out at the end of 36. Should be a lot of lower level blueprints ready and waiting.

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