Should I Spend My Stat Points?

As the title suggests, I was wondering if I should just dump my stat points into something or just keep sitting on them until I hit gear requirements? My 2h Savagery Warder is level 53 with almost 20 stat points just sitting there.

Should I invest them into something, or just hold on to them until I need them?

What is your current base Spirit score? You probably won’t need Cunning at all, but Spirit reqs for nice jewelry are a potential stumbling block.

My stats currently are:

Physique: 647 (28 points)
Cunning: 319 (0 points)
Spirit: 257 (8 points)

And if by base you mean the grey number when you mouse over the stat, then spirit is 114.

I have 18 points left over to spend. I’m sitting at 9.1k hp and 14k sheet dps. Current level is 54 in act 3 elite.

Are your mastery bars where you expect them to be come level 85?

This is my build currently:

I don’t really know what to do with my build after maxing out squad tactics. Maybe War Cry but I’m not sure. So being as how I don’t really know what to do with my build, it basically ends around 60ish at the moment.

I should add that I probably plan to max out Mogdrogen’s Pact after Squad Tactics.

Oh, ok. You’ve actually got quite a way to go with your mastery bars (you REALLY don’t want them that low forever), but you’re also far from max level. I would actually say definitely hold onto your stat points, don’t spend until you get your mastery bars (and consequent skill picks) pretty close to finalized. I mean, maybe drop a couple points into Spirit if you come across a nice jewelry piece that you can’t equip solely due to Spirit req, but I would personally never spend any more than 15 points tops in Spirit for a Warder. Also, in regards to Mog’s Pact: I really wouldn’t consider Mog’s Pact to be a skill worthy of maxing, but skillpoints in skills are eminently refundable, so experiment with it if you like.

Is health regen not that good on a warder? I know there are some sword and board builds that use a lot of health regen, that’s why I was thinking of maxing it. If there’s something better though then I’ll go for that.

Should I get a soldier signature skill or a shaman one? Can’t really tell which one would be best.

Health regen is never a bad thing, but Mog’s Pact itself rarely gets maxed. I mean, if you have the points to spare, there are certainly WORSE things to spend points on. Good that you maxed Heart of the Wild though, because it is absolutely amazing (doesn’t scale well past soft cap though, from what I’m given to believe). Oak Skin might be worth a point, the fact that it boosts regen by a % is nice and more pierce resist is nice.

Well, it will kind of depend on what damage type(s) you are focusing on, I suppose. A Lightning Warder would reap a substantial amount of benefit from Stormcaller’s Pact, and if you ever get lucky enough to assemble a full Ultos’ set that will probably be your Exclusive skill of choice. Primal Bond could be quite decent on a Bleed warder, though I actually opted for something else on mine. Menhir’s Bulwark is a non-choice, since you aren’t using a shield… so that leaves Oleron’s Rage. Oleron’s Rage is actually quite good - the OA boost it gives is substantial (I opted for OR over Primal primarily for that reason on my Bleed warder), and if you do go War Cry/Break Morale I assume that means you intend to go at least in SOME part physical, in which case OR is hands-down better than Primal Bond.

Yeah I was thinking of going physical just because in normal everything that dropped had % lightning damage on it, where as in elite everything dropping for me has either % attack speed or % physical.

I think I might go Menhir’s Will next for the extra auto-pot.

So are you going to switch from Savagery to Cadence then?

Didn’t think about it. Is Cadence more favorable for a physical build?

Hmm, guess that question kind of answers itself when looking at the skills themselves. I can give it a go and see how it works.


I’m sitting at 612% bonus physical and 411% bonus lightning right now. I can buy the Legion Warblade that gives an extra 129% lightning damage, but I don’t know if I should replace my Guillotine being as how it gives me crit, soldier/shaman +1, and 8% lifesteal.

An alternative to Cadence is Savagery. But you’ll need to stack flat physical damage (not hard to find)

Savagery is the build I am right now.

The you can make a physical savagery build. There does exist support for that

I am a self-found character so I don’t have access to a lot of legendaries, especially being as how I am only level 55, which is my highest level character now. Is a physical savagery build really gear dependent or can it work self-found?

Not sure mate it’s a concept that i am interested in exploring. If you want to use Savagery with SF gear then i can recommend lightning savagery. You can start off by picking of Heavill’s Greatsword (google it) that you get off a corpse that can be found in house a few steps away from devil’s crossing

You CAN, but why would you if Cadence was an available option?

Yeah I have Heavill’s sword. Isn’t the Black Legion one better then that though?

True, but the thing is Heavill’s Sword can spawn with a certain affixes and some of them are pretty crazy. So keep looting that corpse on each playthrough

Because making whacky builds is work the best part of GD for me. :smiley:

It’s not even that wacky, though.