Should I try Hardcore ?

It is prudent to make a backup of your HC saves regardless (or even your SC characters) if you do something stupid or not. If you are the type to be particularly “invested” in your characters, making a backup is wise in case of data loss due to a system crash.

My thinking is many wouldn’t enjoy losing their time in that particular fashion.

It does (and has) happen(ed).

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Of course you should make regular backups, especially each time before applying a patch. Question is if you use it to prevent data loss or to roll back death.

We can’t babysit everyone, nor tell them how to play their game. That is in their hands.

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I didn’t know that. Now I’m a bit more motivated.

The bad thing in SC is that i can risk anything what i want and have no penalty.

As long as you’re not level 85 there’s the EXP loss penalty, which should be enough to penalize the average player.

Besides the penalty that shaboo mentioned you could take matters into your own hands if you have the spine. For example, I often delete characters manually in SC if I die (or die too much). I prefer this method instead of HC just in case on the off-chance I would like to continue. Frequently tho I lose motivation for a character if I die and scrap it and start over, often with a different build style.

Plus it also gives me the chance to take off any items I may wish to keep for future characters. Often relics and certain components and occasionally a certain item perhaps.

Keeps things fresh for me.

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This is pretty much what i do. I get really demotivated to continue with a character when it dies just once. The only exception is my Witchblade because Mad Queen retaliation life reduction spikes are utter bullshit.

Again, people can play the game in whatever the way they want. If they want to ressurect HC characters through backup save files, let them do it. I just feel doing it beats the entire point of HC.

Yup, same. The most deaths I’ve had on a SC character lately has been 4. I delete most of them long before that.

Yeah I’m working on a guy now and I’m pointedly ignoring my deaths this time because I’m liking how it’s going otherwise. I only died once in the campaign so far but I have a few deaths to the Crucible.

I have to turn off that part of my brain that goes ape-shit when I die and ignore it and resist the urge to deldeldel :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t delete mine, but they pretty much become stash mules. I do however never play with them again.