Should I try Hardcore ?

I have a conjurer lv 60 in ultimate and played 60 hours of grim dawn, but i wanna try hc. Should I try Hardcore ?

PS: I’m a brazilian, sorry for my bad english.

Trying will not hurt you, might hurt your character though :smiley:

I started playing a hardcore character recently myself after levelling a number of softcore 85chars, and I tend to play it quite differently from the last few - where I was rushing the game a lot.

When playing hardcore, as I take more time to think about skill choices while levelling and gear upgrades and I play a bit more carefully, it almost feel like a different game. I explore a bit more, progress slower and pay more attention to my surroundings - meaning enjoying the level design and atmosphere a lot more.
Really a different experience that I enjoy a lot. Feels rewarding to re-drop blueprints again as well :smiley:

I am getting fond of my 2-handed bleeding trickster and I know I am gonna pissed if I die before I can get him to his full potential. I guess you just have to accept that eventually your character will die - unless you play a pure retaliation tank but I have never seen any point of doing that in hardcore.

You can try but at 60 hours and i character you don’t know much about the game. You will die eventually and won’t understand why. My advice is to try to play more in ultimate and Crucible if you have it and use the knowledge for HC.

Unless of course you just want the thrills (which you will get) in which case just go ahead and try. Just be prepared to play thinking that you character is already dead. It’s a good wway to maintain your sanity

Being successful in HC is about having good knowledge. You can bumrush quite recklessly through to endgame with a good build and simply knowing when to run away. If you feel you’re familiar enough with the game (mostly what can kill you), go ahead.

Only scrubs play softcore. If you don’t wanna be a scrub, you should definitely switch to HC. But it’s tough and cruel, and only the best of the best live to tell the tale. The weaker got sacrificed at the altar of the bloodthirsty HC gods.

Your destiny is in your own hands. Choose wisely.

Hardcore is a different game from softcore. Not better or worse in any objective sense, but different. Hardcore incents different play behaviors from softcore: it rewards cautious play and discourages experimentation and exploration.

For me, those changes make the game less fun. I like trying crazy ideas which will probably get me killed but maybe turn out to be awesome. That’s not a great playstyle for hardcore. Other people with different gaming preferences love it.

If you’re not sure whether you should try hardcore, the answer is yes: it doesn’t cost anything to experiment except your time. The first time you die, you’ll figure out whether you want to continue the experiment or not.

Yes. You definitely should.

Nice. Thanks for the suggetions. The problem is that I did not finish the game, so some things I have knowledge that can kill me, but others do not. But I’ll take my chances anyway, I want to try.

Brazilian here as well. i’ve lost about 20 characters at hardcore mode. But every time i create another one, some mistakes i previously did are corrected.
My last one is a saboteur (demo+night), i’m level 52 and counting.
Just remember to put a lot of strength (as it means more health) and check your resistances. If you are still struggling through some areas, devotion points might help (defense or healing)

I played grim dawn for 250 hours without even one HC character. I don’t see the appeal what so ever


-have to play slower and kite more to never bite off more than you can chew
-have to grind lower difficulties WAY more to get items and resistances up
-hit ONE reflective guy too hard ONCE and gg you wasted your time
-lose all your items and materials when you die (i love collecting items)
-cannot re-spec and experiment with your character, you need a strong plan
-somewhat forced into tanky character but obviously people have still beat it with sorcerers and aether ray and such

+you are a cool kid and can feel better than SC players
+you can press escape to escape death

by “did not finish the game” do you mean all the way to 85 on ultimate, you beat veteran and elite right?

ultimate has its own learning curve, tricks and strategies to get strong enough to have a chance. Mostly having to do with getting tank enough to live, resistances high enough to not get one shot, while still having the dps to not take a year

I can understand the appeal, but i honestly don’t care for HC. Last thing i want is this feeling of knowing the slightest mistake can kill my character, meaning i lose a lot of my time.

Personally, if I want to do “hardcore” play, I’ll go play NetHack or something similar that was designed from the get-go around the One Life To Live mechanic… Didn’t really care for hardcore in Diablo 2 either.

Save your SC characters. When you reach instances of the game you aren’t sure about with your HC, then go experience it with your SC for a bit instead and use the knowledge gained.

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After all the replies, i think hardcore will be the experience that i want to feel. But i have little time to play, then i don’t want to waste my time for a character that eventually will die. For now i will continue to play SC. Thank you guys.

Here’s a way to play hardcore if you want reasonable penalties without losing huge amounts of invested effort:

At the start of your session, back up your character folder. Play away.
Next time you start, back up session.
If you die you can restore to the start of your session, but you lose all progress from the backup.

Due to not having huge amounts of time, someone who always plays hardcore and GD having a habit of surprising me with huge damage spikes occasionally, I use this method at times (oh the shame…). If I kill a character due to stupid actions I do not restore it (most recent L63 trickster) and consider it dead.

Obviously if your sessions are only 15-30 minutes this is not much of a thing, but if a couple of hours it can be a significant penalty, especially if you find some sweet legendaries!

I enjoy restarting a character because it often goes in a slightly (or entirely!) different direction to the last and I learn new things.

No, that HC toon will not eventually die for sure. If you have a good build, invest in good defenses, don’t take crazy chances, find some decent items and play carefully, you have the chance to keep that toon for a long time, maybe till you will get bored with the game.
So yes, do try HC and even if if you loose your toon, you can just continue playing on SC.

Mistakes i’ve seen around here:
" you die = you loose everything" - Not true, you keep everything that you have in your shared stash
" cannot respec" - Ofc you can, I started a ranged firestrike commando , got bored along the way and ended in a shield melee/canister bomb build .

I’m not telling you in what way you should play and you can do whatever you want, but doesn’t this beat the entire point of HC regardless if the action that caused the death was stupid or not? If you are just going to just backup a save file in case you die, you might as well play SC. With SC you also don’t need to go through the hassle of having to backup a save file.

Then again people can play in whatever way they want, so eh.

Yes, this is defeating the whole purpose of playing HC, the only difference between this and SC being that it’s more time-consuming, because after each death you cannot just continue but have to restore your backup.

My dead chars say no, it’s not defeating the purpose…

I don’t lose them that often, I’m just providing the OP with ideas to help get into hardcore and this is something that occasionally benefits me in not losing huge amounts of time investment just to ‘learn’ some situation is ridiculous every now and then (sometimes I’ll still leave 'em dead from this anyway though)…

SC has no real risk. I’m just playing the way I want to maximise my HC experience while realising I have limited time. Each to their own :slight_smile: