Should patch V1.1.7.0 revise Rogue Dungeon Legendary MIs?

Ah. My comments are not a criticism. I like Transmutation being cheap, but it is cheap compared to the alternative, and I think that makes other items like Rogue Legendary MI feel less special.

Although it was presented as a ‘complete your unfinished set’ mechanic I think Crate knew and wanted stat re-rolling to be relatively accessible.

Well drop rates are not the sole consideration due to the improved loot and accessible transmutation for stat boosting. You also can only get these Legendary by doing the same content over and over, so I think this makes multiple copies of these items less likely (as we have quite a lot of content to choose between now).

These items need to be balanced around the frequency at which players do Rogue Dungeons, and that will be quite subjective (For example, I primarily play and enjoy SR the most, so I am missing many of these items). Given that there is more content now than ever before, shouldn’t drop rates be increased a little to reflect this?

Based on what I play acquiring a well-rolled Worldeater would be painful compared to other 2H weapons. Difficult to balance for the average player, for sure. After ~35 runs there is only a 1/2 chance of seeing one, I think this situation should be improved.

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As someone who basically exclusively hunts nems/MIs/does rogues, sure, I’ll gladly take the buff to my farming pattern. :smiley:

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