Should patch V1.1.7.0 revise Rogue Dungeon Legendary MIs?

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In the lead up to Patch V1.1.7.0 I thought it would be a good idea to begin a discussion of Legendary MIs from Rogue Dungeons (Alkamos Rings, Shar’Zul WorldEater etc.) as they were not mentioned in the development update.

Ever since Forgotten Gods GD has seen vast alterations to the loot system in the game for many of its items. These vast alterations have dragged down the relative power of Legendary MIs from Rogue Dungeons. I feel they are in need of a revamp (either drop rate or stats) to remain special.

Brief summary of the vast changes and their impact:

  • Transmutation: Introduced as a mechanic to finish off a legendary set but it brought with it the secondary effect of opening the door to stat re-rolling a substantial amount of set gear in the game because of how cheap it is.
  • Indirect drop rate increases for most of the gear in the game via Monster Totems, Rogue Dungeon loot update, power creep/faster kill speeds, patch V1.1.7.0 itself is upping MI drop rates etc.

Lastly I’d just to comment on the anticipated rebuttal “No, because Improved loot drops in Rogue Dungeons allow players to farm legendaries at the same time as trying for a Rogue Legendary MI”:

  • Improved loot drops means greater chance of multiple copies of gear (so higher stat rolls).
  • Rogue Legendary MIs cannot be stat re-rolled via transmutation and miss out on the stat buff re-rolling yields.

I hope Crate gives us a solution to this issue at some point in the future.

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I think Alkamos rings could use a little revamp: maybe better resists (right now it’s huge Vitality res on a Cold item yet again) or/and higher OA and maybe proc revamp. They are definitely a bit inferior to most of the rings from new Roguelike.

Can’t say much about Shar’Zul’s Axe. Would be cool if it had a mod to Blade Arc or Forcewave or Righteous Fervor. Same with Alkamos Scythe. Not very useful outside of couple of Vitality build and clearly outshined by Bane of the Winter King.


Gargabol’s pistols could use some love too.
They’re actually used in ONE build in the whole game (vit FS defiler) so adding sth like 14% attack speed would look nice.

Soulrend can also get its conversion changed to pierce->cold.

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+1, do it!! The idea to have them placed on par with current gear is definitely not a bad idea.

The problem I am running into is who will see this change, especially to some MI’s that have a theoretical drop rate of zero for most people unless they bang their head against the wall a lot of times, get lucky, or stash stuff (trading too but meh imo). This statement is more geared to Alk rings.

I don’t know about others but outside of D3 when I see a purple drop, even after 3400 hrs, it still is a cool feeling.

If the drop rate is to remain as is, I would hope the stats on them would be reflective of there said drop rate.

As I mentioned at least in 2 other threads, as it stands I just want the conversion. I feel there are enough alternatives to build around so you can avoid the use of Alk rings. But for the other MI rings, not so much.

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I would rather have those items more powerful and maintain their rareness

Dark One set is too strong in that sense it is VERY easy to farm.


Ok I understand what your saying and can agree but a few things need to be pointed out… MI sets can not be rerolled via the transmutation system… Only non MI can be rolled for or rerolled for better stats… As for cheap? I don’t think they are cheap, I would say it’s the right price. Only reason why the dark one set seems easier is because you have 5 chances each time you go for it. No other MI has that! Tho I like the dark one set I don’t think it’s too strong, I think it is about right.

4 chances, and each piece drops from a specific rift-claimed adherent, each with ~10% drop chance (compare that to the other legendary skeleton-key MI’s which has drop chance of the order 1% and Vanquish set pieces which have drop chance ~5%)

In addition, the dungeon where you farm dark one set is very small compared to running through an entire skeleton key dungeon and is very fast to get to from a rift-gate.

Dark One is VERY easy to get

I can make some probability over time graphs for Dark One vs Morgoneth set if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, Dark One dungeon does not require Skeleton Key to enter either

Sorry 4… Not saying it’s not easy, just saying you have more chances and as you point out it’s also short.

Your also right, no skeleton key as well.

You can get Morgoneth items and Magi rings multiple times in a run. Same with Krieg set pieces (not skeleton key MI’s but still)

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I actually like cold Blitz on Alcamos Scythe. But it could get some buffs or bonuses to some other skill. Perhaps flat cold RR on War Cry.

It should be nerfed heavily.

I mean I would not mind if Dark One had its powers as it has now, if it was just as PITA to farm as say Morgoneth set…

Or that, I still have not finished Morgoneth set. I would leave Krieg set as is. It is not OP and it is good for first builds.

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Blitz is always a one-pointer skill. One of the most useless skills currently. And Alkamos weapon supporting Cold Blitz makes it more of a joke than anything.


Again useless for you is not useless for somebody else. It could get buffs but it is not useless.

Sorry, man, we are talking about the relative value versus how special the item is supposed to be. There is a reason why top Cold SS Nightblades are not Blademasters. And if a skill like SS alone can’t make Cold Blademaster competitive enough Blitz won’t even come close to that.

Saying “not useless for somebody else” can be used to defend any poorly designed item because someone used it. We can just stop balancing right there and then.

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The comment about stat re-rolling being cheap is that the only alternative when it isn’t possible is using random drops to get another copy of the item. That is very RNG and on average will take far longer than fulfilling the cost of transmutation.

I would guess most players settle for one copy of Rogue Legendary MIs rather than continuing until a well-rolled one drops.

Alk rings could use a droprate buff imo. Everything else from Rogue’s drops fairly consistently in my experience.

I am very new to GD - I have just started around month ago and I wanted to improve my build with magi rings. After 30 consecutive runs not a single legendary magi ring dropped (from any magi), no sign of the Morgoneth’s Black Heart neither. Maybe this is my bad luck and I should pray to RNGesus, but how on earth do people have two specific magi rings for instance? I know that this is not a big sample, but it already takes a significant amount of time to run these dungeons. Maybe increase a little the drop rate as the game seems to be played mostly as SSF? Just my few bits.

I understand what your saying but my point is that MI’s that are part of sets cann’t be rerolled… With the other sets yeah your right, people can reroll them for better stats if they want, but I hardly think it needs to be more expensive… You put the time in for it, you deserve it! Wether that be for getting the eldritch essence’s or going for a new copy of item.Why should it be harder to do?