Should Pets be able to trigger item attack/enemy death effects?

I noticed during the making of my Summoner build that Pets are not able to do that since I use items like “Black Scourge” and “Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips” which both posses an effect that will or can trigger upon an enemy’s death, making those items effects wasted and are only good for thier stats if you do not have anything better suited for the current level.

I do know that some effects with low cooldowns would be very powerful if pets could trigger them, depending on thier number and attackspeed and so I would ask for your opinion if pets should be able to trigger those effects.

I am pretty sure pets don’t trigger those only to not make pet builds brain dead. If pets could trigger anything, the only thing you’d need to do is move your character from position A to position B and nothing else, resulting in no gameplay at all. You still can do build that don’t require the player at all (except for moving the mouse), but still should use some skills on bosses etc.