Should Ravenous Earth be buffed?

It was fine upon its release, it was as strong as any other shotgun skill and now its damage is pretty abysmal

I am not posting this in feedback section I am just interested in hearing what others have to say about this

Post realease RE with Dark one and 2x bonespike was really strong.

The problem now is that other variations are too weak like acid RE. Necro has no poison rr. Leafmane MI should have 100% conversion imo. You wear a deathguard weapon you deprive yourself of bonespike or pandemic. Voice of dreeg helm is not enough with so little rr

Yeah but that particular variant being strong had multiple reasons. The nerf worsened non-Vitality RE as you said

If not a buff to the skill they should add better support to non-Vitality RE gear

Damn it and was so looking forward to doing a poison focused RE build.

I tried a cruci Acid RE reaper with NDJE and RE with leafmane/voice of dreeg/pandemic/Contagion. Was very underwhelming. Won’t even compare with Deathguard reapers

Mixed damage skills like PB, RE, PRM etc can be made more flexible with multi conversion toggle amulet( Like conduit series but for mixed damage skills ) where you can choose one type for conversion for that skill, also adding - or + % damage on the toggle for convenient balance for that damage type

The only mixed bag that works out, esp in crucible, is elemental dmg

I did not play around with RE, so can’t say if skill itself is good or weak. However I got an impression that there is lack of gear support for non-vitality necromancer builds. We need more damage conversion options, common or as skill mod, and skill mod for RR. It will provide flexibility and diversity for non-standard Necromancer builds.

If it’s not vitality there just isn’t enough support worth bothering with. 2x CDR MIs and blood orb making the DoT component vitality as well sets the stage for balance. So long as the other types lack this degree of support they won’t be too relevant.

I almost forgot about this thread. But I am with Fluff on this one, we need better support for non-Vit RE