Should they add raids to GD?

I feel like a really cool addition to Grim Dawn would be raid bosses or raid dungeons in which it would take 4 people with good communication to stand a chance. What does everyone else think?:stuck_out_tongue:

About a thousand times no.



Feedback from 2012:

I hate forced multiplayer content, so no.

That’s a no from me as well, about 95% of my time is spent playing solo. Maybe you could do a mod for it but it’d take a lot of time/effort if you wanted to create something unique.


can we fucking not

More content would be great as endgame is kinda boring after you’ve run all the dungeons and explored all the areas, but forced multiplayer would be a waste of development effort. I’d love something like the maps in PoE/Torchlight II (or Rifts in D3 apparently?), though. The secret boss areas are like that but they’re always the same…maps would make Grim Dawn perfect :slight_smile: Maps meaning randomized zones/enemies.

Also if Devouring Swarm could break the boss bubbles :furious:

This is a single player game in spirit. Adding multiplayer content does not seem to fit the game.

About a thousand times this :wink:

That would be suicide for even a dedicated online ARPG,let alone a single player one. I mean what’s the point ? mods and stuff…and stuff…

Raids don’t belong in ARPGs.

“Hi I really love your single player game but you know what would really make it better is some MMO trappings because that has always made every single player focused game better”

No please.

I’m all for something really creative and challenging at the end of the game, but it needs to be solo-able and offline only.

At the most, they could maybe do something similar to Dragon’s Dogma Ur-Dragon but that would require the game to feature an online server and well, screw that idea.

If I wanted raids I would play WoW.

I am not playing WoW.

Raids simply don’t fit with GD.

However i would’nt mind a bigger battle semi scripted with npc’s, fighting aetherials etc. For a more immersive feeling.

Chainsaws would also be cool (and wouldn’t break immersion since Cairns tech level is rather…errrr…high on lsd)
Doesn’t really add that much and would be a pain to implement.
Thematically there is just a lone wanderer savin the day, havin more than one unique snowflake in the house feels odd.

There is, his name is Ravager.