Show off your Defense! Specially around Stockyards

The layout of the town.

Blue squares are houses in the housing areas.

For some reason those are the only buildings that show up in the app.

The black circle is where the Trading Center, Vault, Town Center, and all my industry are located.

The black ellipse is where farming is taking place and the black lines/square are where my walls and fortifications are located.

The inverted ‘L’ shape on the upper right is the hot corner, but they have tried every approach.

Got my first Payment demand from an invading army.

They sent the main body around the Hot Corner and a recon-size feint to the South Square, both got chopped up like hamburger.

A small force managed to infiltrate a new farming area to the north, but their overall take was less than they wished, and their casualties were more than they hoped.


Really shaping up on that corner

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I was hoping to have it done before I got the first demand, but that has long since past.

I’ve added a couple of towers and some walls to the mix, but stone is getting very scarce without long treks for small bits each trip.

Really have to plan if you’re going to spend the stone doing the Small Stone Plaza upgrade to Small Brick Plaza instead of Cobbled Roads the way I did the South Square housing area.

Those six avenues ate up over 700 stone, that just vanished without a scrap or trace.

Made getting to T4 much easier, for sure, but now I’m paying the price finding stone for walls.

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That’s why I like the game so much. There’s a negative-positive trade off for almost every decision, and sometimes you don’t realize the negative of a decision until after you make it.


I love the double and triple layering of walls. Not a fan of how the look though, Lego? Maybe in future the devs will make them look filled.

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My most brokenly op defensive setup so far. Cliffs > walls. Currently only needs 3 towers to fight off 90 raiders. If the attacks ever gets too much there is space for a row of towers above and to the right of the first stretch as well. If that gets too much the two forts will supply 48 soldiers to fight and hold them at the main corner where every tower has LOS.


That is a lot of terraforming. Nice.

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It’s wasn’t too bad with the new boosted tool. Maybe at some point I’ll reload the map to get a screenshot of what it looked like before it was sculpted.

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I’m hoping in the future that, maybe by doubling or tripling the wall, we get an upgrade to crenelated walls and ramparts that villagers could man as rock throwers and ladder repelling.

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Well done.

Excellent use of obstacle, terrain, serpentine and withering levels of interlocking fields of fire.

This new map I opened looks very promising.
Placed my TC at the edge of the dark and a ‘City of Five Gates’ might be built here.
Blue squares are by starting town center and three shelters
The grey ellipses are mountains.
Black lines are proposed defensive positions.
The bodies of water would cut down greatly the need to actively protect large areas for housing and farming.
The top two passes are not yet explored.

But I think it’s going to be very slow going… :smiley:

The South Pass

The East Pass (There is no third mountain here. :frowning: )

The Northwest Pass


Some before and after of the


That is so tedious to do, not a fan of terraforming really lol. How long it took?

Not that long to seal the base, like only a couple of years. The flatten tool is really effective on steeper slopes, especially using 10x1 orders every second row. The most tedious part was getting the housing area flat though, especially because I needed to build houses for a larger workforce of builders to flatten but needed to flatten before I could place those houses. The flatten tool is a lot less effective when the slope is slight or the area you want is larger than 10x10.

At some point if they don’t refine the tool I’m eventually going to work out how to build a mod to allow up to 100x100 flatten orders and to boost the effect when working on lower angles.


While I am amazed at the effects you folks can get with ‘terraforming’, on the other hand that is one heckofa lot of earth-moving and rock-breaking for what is, essentially, the population of a small town/village. Logically, it should take them years to accomplish it, so speeding up the process is sort of counter-intuitive.

On the other hand, the far more common ‘terraforming’: managing water and marshes, is utterly missing from the game. We can’t even firm up the marshy necks between land masses to build primitive roads across them.
This just slapped me in the face with the latest map I started yesterday: one narrow swampy bit of land connects my town area from a landmass on the edge of the map that has the ONLY hill/mountain on the map. So I have a choice of having the villagers hauling all the available coal, iron, gold ores wading across the marsh very slowly, or build a road that has to traverse about 40% of the map to get around the water to the hill with all the delay that the long trip entails. All this instead of just dumping some earth into the marsh and packing it firm. Bazzfrazzing, frumblenazzing map.


Lol yeah, a village of 50 can literally move a mountain in a couple years, without any advanced technology. Perhaps they are secretly gods?

I don’t want the workers sped up so much as requiring less clicks. They could make it require ten times the work but only require one click and I’d be happy. As a game design ux principle I think each player decision should normally require only a couple of clicks to execute.

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Understand, and agree. The principle of Point 'Em At The Work, Turn 'Em Loose should apply whenever possible.

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Is it hard to say that this looks like a little bit of paranoia?

I’m just preparing for an actually hard mode when it gets released. Or like, trying to make the devs aware of what is really possible when pushing the limits so they can balance an extremely hard mode for players like me. We’re not the majority, but we want the sort of demanding experience that seems literally impossible the first time you try because it requires actual mastery of all the subtle mechanics to succeed.

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… the Great Wall of China has entered the chat…

2 years with 10x1 movement? so you mark the land 10x1 and terraform this way one after the other?