Shrine of the Forgotten God

So have you guys found this secret area yet?

References one of the “Three”

2nd area of the Blood Grove.

I’ve been there. Not sure if there was anything to do there, though. The statue the lore book talks about seems to be the same one as in the Depraved Sanctuary (I may be confused, I’ve definitely seen it at least once before and I think it was a Chaos area). So I’m assuming that’s Cht’htto’cntoc’ton.

It’s the same statue depiction that the grim dawn misadventure #94 depicts in the story of the 3 witch gods. I didn’t find it on my first play through so it’s kind of neat. A dyna-chest and a big crypt chest plus some manticores is all it really is…but still cool… might even be where the new dungeon will be located at…behind that big slab of stone with the picture on it.

Jeez, finally found it! It was neither the Depraved Sanctuary nor the Cultist’s Lair. It is, in fact, in some random Musty Cellar in Burrwich Estates.

I take back my earlier conclusion, it may not at all be Cht’on. I should go read that Grim Misadventure.

I am having a weird feeling that this is not even the one I was thinking off. I recall that one being redder.

There must be 3 of them hidden around the world then because there’s one just like that in the Blood Grove…which would make 2…and since the note in the blood grove on the ground was about the witch gods and that is the same symbol as the misadventure I’m thinking there’s one more because there’s 3 witch gods. Solael, Dreeg and Bysmiel.

There’s one in the Burial Cave too, I think.

I need to checkout the Burial Cave, I thought I’ve been there and didn’t find anything.

These appear to be the Witch Gods judging by the Grim Misadventure but here’s what confuses me:

The lore note you find in the Shrine of the Forgotten God specifically talks about how this is a really weird depiction of a Witch God:

“The hideous carvings depict a gruesome scene. Was it a wicked god?”

“The Three were never depicted in such a way, and besides, the witch gods were not known to embrace such open displays of devotion.”

Also, for all the talk about hothing matches his records, the 3 witch gods’ names are all over locations, our spells and abilities, etc. They never struck me as gods someone forgot about and didn’t remember. Clearly this guy knew who they were, too.

That’s why, having not read that misadventure, I was originally pretty sure it was Chton. He’s forgotten in history, not mentioned much, and is scary looking.

Just because someone thought they weren’t open to displays of devotion doesn’t mean they weren’t…notice how these areas are in a bit of secret spots off the beaten path…Occultists worshipping in secret for reasons unknown…the reason they all over the abilities is because if you’re an Occultist why would you NOT know about them and their power? I guess time will tell with the new DLC coming soon.

This is the kind of statues you guys are talking about right?

Yep, that’s the one.

So it seems like only Occultists knew about them for a while and nobody else did. Still a biiiit odd to me.

They’re all over the Devotion trees, too.

Fishy, fishy. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait for the update. I love this kind of stuff.

But… isn’t Korvaak the Forgotten God?

Would make sense given that the carving/s at the aforementioned shrine don’t - according to the scribe’s note there - match known depictions of “the Three [Witch Gods]”. Also, a point of note:

These^ are most certainly different from each other. The one from the Misadventure appears to be of Dreeg given the many eyes, and the second from carvings throughout the game - including at the Shrine of the Forgotten God - is surely either Korvaak (see: scribe’s note disassociating the design with those of the witch gods) or the witch god Solael (and only because of the art for this item).

The only thing I’ve seen from Korvaak so far is a weird crypt named after him with weird music in it. So maybe we didn’t play far enough yet.

Going by the very latest misadventure, this is indeed not a Witch god.

I still don’t get why the carving style is so similar. They even look similar.

So according to grim misadventures #95, this is not any of the three witch gods. So who is the image of in those caves? Korvaak? And why does it appear randomly in some caves?

Yeah, Korvaak. The stones are in his tomb. My guess is he is related to the Witch Gods. Maybe he raised them to godhood. Maybe they supplanted him.

Either way I’d be pissed off and hating on peeps too if I had some random head as my fun fun zone!

Definitely Korvaak. That messenger in the room in Kymon’s Sanctuary after the completed quest (Eye of Korvaak) talks about him.

How many random pseudo-forgotten gods does this game have, lol?