Simple DoT stacking question

DoTs of the same type from different sources stack, correct?

For example, burn from ring, weapon, skill, conversion, and overload will all stack (but overload will only refresh the burn from overload), correct? Any exceptions?

To that end, do fairly ‘complex’ conversions also work as intended? Specifically, internal trauma + IEE which converts to 1/3 each burn, frostburn, electrocute. After this conversion all the rules still apply yes?


Any thoughts?

Yes, they all stack. But keep in mind, %weapon damage doesn’t stack.

Meaning, if you deal 50 burn damage on hit, and you use, say, Blade Arc, you won’t get burn from Blade Arc AND your weapon attack, only from the one that is stronger.
But, the bleed damage from Blade Arc (which isn’t tied to %weapon damage) will stack with any other bleed damage.

Also yes, from the same source will only refresh the duration.

Which, in this case, is the one from Blade Arc, since the skill has +100% weapon damage, right?

Yes, the highest %weapon damage will always be the strongest one.