Simples Question about Gunslinger x End Game

Guys, how are you?

Im questionning myself for a few days… Gunslinger Sorcerer can kill the end game content? Nemesis, farming, etc.

Do you know an exemple of a sucessful build?

Up? Anyone?

Check out The Gunslinging Sorceress.

It can kill end game content but have problems with nemesis and its not best suited for nemesis farming. Also for gunslinger build piromancer is better choice imo.

P.S. Fine thank you, how are you? :slight_smile:

Fine, ty! Finished the game yesterday, lvl 43, dont even noticed that i was facing the end game boss >< The fight was sooo easy (using Blademaster).

You said about Pyromancer, why? Could you clarify? XD

Everything except gladiator crucible is easy with blademaster :slight_smile:

Well its arguable but I find that occultists solaels witcfire, blood of dreeg and possession outweight anything that arcanist have to offer for dual pistols build, not to mention that demo/ocultist combo is much better supported equipment vise ie exterminus pistols, voidsteel gauntlets,…

Ok! Ty mate!