Since you probably killed me...

…you might as well know who i am.

In honor of my 33rd post i figured it was about time i introduced myself. I’m mainly a console gamer but i loves me some Titan Quest. Some of my other all time favorite games include MegaMan 2, Chrono Trigger/Cross, and Borderlands.
I live in northern California with my wife and 3 year old son, who is an expert at the Lego Batman game.

I’m actually a former Iron Lore employee, having done in-house QA on Immortal Throne and level design on DoW: Soulstorm, and for those of you who have braved the secret passage of TQ:IT you already know me as the lone wandering centaur that you easily disposed of. What’d i ever do to you?? :stuck_out_tongue:

In-house QA on Immortal Throne sounds like a dream job to me, heh, I envy you. =)

Yeah…I killed the centaur more than a dozen of times…sorry man… :smiley:

You might’ve gotten more fear out of the people if your name was Toxeus :slight_smile:
Interesting revelation btw.

It always makes me glad to hear about parents gaming with their kids. I’d wager that it’s the best way to keep their relationship with gaming a healthy one, and imagine his nostalgia playing lego batman 30 years from now.

hi from me as well, and yes, I killed the centaur a few times myself,

but anyway hope to see you around the forums a bit

srry friend :frowning:

I also killled your centaur form atleast 6 times.
However you can be glad that I got killed by him once… on legendary:)

Hi it’s good to have met you :slight_smile: