Single Mastery Runs

I was wondering if anyone has had any success with taking a single mastery toon deep into the game? There was a discussion about it when the game was in alpha phase and the level cap was 25 (lol).

I would imagine the lack of a second mastery bar would gimp the character on base stats and eventually the lack of DA and health would result in one shot deaths. Twinking with some righteous gear from older siblings might help keep a single mastery viable for longer.

I’ve got a soldier, demo, and arcanist in their upper 20s right now with no worries. But I think the extra points in the top tier skills are what’s keeping them viable. The two-handed shaman looks very doable with a couple of side kick pets (beast master build), but he’s probably pretty squishy when the DA and health bar plateau.

you can beat the game with single mastery builds. Obviously they are more gear dependant but still doable. A few people have accomplished it, me I see no point in it tho.

I’m running (or trying to at least ;)) mostly single masteries to give me a chance to try out more of the skills available in each. My Demo is into Epic, but has a lot of deaths, Nightblade is next farthest along, but still in Act 1 Normal along with the rest.

The other problem you’ll possibly run into is you may not have enough skills to attach the various Devotions too. I’ve only got Firestrike and Canister Bomb as active skills, the rest are passives or buffs and there are few Devotions that can be attached to those. I’m considering adding in Blackwater Cocktail or Stun Jacks just to have another skill for a Devotion to proc off. Or look at other Devotions to passively boost resistances, etc, instead of ones with a proc attached.

Add Flashbang, it procs stuff like crazy and is a very good defensive skill.

Have people done it hardcore with a single mastery? If so, which ones?

Yeah, that’s another one to consider. I did try both Stun Jacks and BWC early on in the alpha, but not Flash Bang. Never tried the TQ version of it either. BWC was good, Stun Jacks a bit meh, but as I said that was early on so may well be totally different now. Flash Bang I um and ah about, because I think it’s one of those skills that you drop in place rather than toss away from you - is that right?

Not sure about HC, but here’s a recent Demo build thread:

And someone else on the forum did say in a thread that they’d finished the game with most of the single masteries.

Actually I’m try single mastery in HC right now is lv.47 (Act.3-4)
I’m go with Demolitionist

  • my main damage skill is Stunt Jacks + Grenedo and use Canister Bomb with max transmute for 100% stunt
  • for Devotion I’m focuses on any constellar that boost my HP/Energy/Resistant.

So it goes fine and a lot of fun (not sure it still fun or hard to play in epic/ultimate if him not die first I’ll tell you later lol)

PS. Sorry for my bad language. :slight_smile:

If single mastery demolitionist, get flame touched-temper and ulzuin’s chosen. Nice armor and damage and cooldown reduction. Also full flashbang and its second tier for higher difficulties.

single mastery solider

take down crucible

single mastery occultist
take down crucible !

I have had success with Occultist and Demolitionist as single masteries, mostly because i’m at a safe distance from my target. Never really took them beyond Elite Karroz though, it was too tedious (especially with Occultist). Pretty sure with the right gear selection all masteries are Ultimate Viable.