[Site] Grim Dawn Relic Tool

GDCraft / Relic tool

Online Version (Updated February 2022)

Offline version: (more features)

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Hello slipperypete,

Thanks for your tool!

Thanks so much for this.

Added support for direct URLs, so you can share & bookmark easier :slight_smile:

Example: http://items.dreamcrash.org/ComponentAssembler?record=b014_relic.dbr&cb=j1_4,j1_7,j1_14

Would a total also be useful? Dynamically changing as you tick things off of course.

Just a post to get my post count up for another tool with Pete.

Great thank you for information :slight_smile:

Per request, the relic/crafting page now also lists the total ingredients missing.

Updated with the new relics and equipment from the expansion.

Cheers mate :wink:

I know this is an old post but I try my luck.

First thing first: Great tool, helps a lot from time to time.

My question: There are some relics missing (e.g. Serenity). Are you willing to share the source so that someone could add them?


Since there’s like ~1 user per day on the relic tool, I am no longer dedicating any time towards it.
As for the source… are you looking for the web integration or the desktop version?

Item Assistant used to contain an integrated version of this tool, scanning your characters etc to see what you already had. There’s a stripped down version of IA which may still work as a desktop version of this tool, with support for newer recipes:
http://ribbs.dreamcrash.org/crafting.zip (EDIT: Seems this is the source not the binary)

The actual code can be found the easiest in the commit used to remove said functionality from IA:

I don’t have the vaguest idea of where the site code itself is located… I’m trying to look it up, but it shares code with IA, so could be it doesn’t exist in the current tip of master.

EDIT #2: The source repo is a complete mess, I’ve uploaded the code without .git, CBA running BFG to wipe all the passwords from a dead project. https://mircopy.evilsoft.net/download?grimdawnitems.rar

The URL should be valid for ~48 hours.

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@Dammitt: No plans of making a crafting/relic tool for Grimtools? It’s the only thing still lacking.

EDIT: http://dev.dreamcrash.org/enchantments/ also still lacking, more specific filters on your components filter would make it way more useful for locating specific components/augments needed for a build.

Thank you very much slipperypete.

Because the GDIA architecture is different now and I do not have much spare time at the moment, I smashed together a userscript for the blueprint page of Grimtools db (https://www.grimtools.com/db/category/blueprints/items) which is similar to your component assembler.

Use at own will and risk (tested with Tampermonkey in Chrome, with Grimtools version
component-assembler.user.zip (1.7 KB)

EDIT: bugfix for correct ingredients calc.


After some file copying from the current Github head and fixing some errors, I managed to compile this stripped downed version of GDIA again.

So seems to still work :slight_smile:

Thought this tool need a bit more loving. Found it earlier today and got to admit it is an awesome tool, might not be used that much but once needed it makes it so much easier to see what ingredients one are missing for a high level relic.

Unfortunately I heard it might not be around for much longer due to not having much interest, which might be due to not many knows about it ? :thinking:

@Dammitt Not sure if it is possible but if you and @slipperypete worked together, could it be incorporated into Grimtools in some way ? Would really help out with the high level items that need so many components to be made ? BUT… have no clue if it’s even possible… but thought I ask since I think it would be a loss if it ended up vanishing into the void. :worried:

Sorry for another bump so soon, but slipperypete has made a offline tool of the Recipe Crafting tool and having used it I could highly recommend it ! Makes it so much easier to see what is missing as it checks all your ingredients as long as you have them in the shared stash. :+1:

Updated to allow manually adding the path to Grim Dawn, as the auto detect does not work for 64 bit GD.