SkeleCabalist Ghoul+Shepherd's Nook or Solael's Witchblade+Wendigo?

It isn’t easy to start on a new expansion when you don’t know which build to go with! I’ve been stuck trying to choose between these two variants of the Unimaginative Skelemancer build, edited for more passive, lazy gameplay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which of these do you think is best?

Ghoul+Shepherd’s Nook: grimtools. com/calc/M2gJWoBN
Solael’s Witchblade+Wendigo: grimtools. com/calc/qNYMzA7N

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Thanks for your time. :smiley:

Why ghoul in the first place? Are you gonna do some kind of hybrid?

Why not bloodied crystals as ring component

Why no Curse of Frailty for rr?

It’s supposed to be a do-nothing-and-win build, focusing entirely on pet attacks and my own auto attack, so yeah it’s a hybrid. No real active abilities except a few DPS cooldowns, I wanna play with one hand. Ideally I can sustain myself with lifesteal from auto attacks in most fights. I also need Ghoul/Wendigo to get Dying God.

Jackal? …

I kinda dismissed it early when looking at how the skelemancer build was made and never thought about that little 3 point doggo again… thanks lol. This looks better then? grimtools. com/calc/gZwOMr8Z

Could also just have 3 points in Behemoth and keep Bat, but no matter what it seems I can’t get Witchblade and Shepherd’s Crook at the same time with this build. :frowning:

Edit: Actually, I’m happy with this. Thank you!

Are you dealing chaos damage? If yes, ALWAYS take solael’s. Always.

Yeah a fair bit since I have Dying God and stuff, but it’s really a rainbow damage skelemancer build. Here’s my final version, thanks again!:

Always x 100

Not getting rr is seriously gimping your damage.

Remember that those skelie mages deals lots of fire damage too

More like do-no-damage-and-wonder-wtf build like I made here. You need Curse of Frailty with Vulnerability maxed. You need Manticore devotion. Hybrids are like Santa - you can hear people talking about them but all grown-ups know they don’t exist.

Check that link. There are a few gt links there in the comments that are worthy

Before Forgotten Gods, I beat the whole game on Ultimate and killed all bad bois and dungeons and the whole crucible, with this spec:

So I don’t care. Why should I?

My tone must have been misleading. Sorry if I offended you and your build. I just wanted to point out that I struggled with Lost Souls myself not long ago. But if you you don’t care why post a help thread?

Besides, you really beat Gladiator Crucible 170 with a skelemancer trying to bash nemeses with necro wps through a Lost Souls scepter?? With -35% chaos rr and -0% vit rr? It’s not impossible but… who exactly did you mean by “all bad bois”?

yeah… right

dont ask for help then :wink:

I wanted help with my build, not help with how to change my build into the one cookie cutter build. I know using RR is the most effective but I’m still crushing things playing with one hand and having fun. And to be fair, I did use Mythical Guardian of Death’s Gates until I completed my set, which has 25 RR on hit.

Edit: Apart from Solael’s Witchblade, I actually also have a little RR from Spectral Wrath. Forgot about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess our definition about what “crushing things” means differ